Zombies spotted in Washington State!

Well not quite, yet this was a funny joke!

No zombie sightings despite warning on SR 520

MyNorthwest.com:  There weren’t any sightings of reanimated corpses along 520, but there was a warning of “zombie’s ahead” on the well-traveled state route Monday morning.
Drivers headed toward Bellevue were greeted with “Warning: Zombies Ahead.” According to q13fox.com, the sign also switched to “012 GHS WEOUTCHA YEWB&#$”
Road crews were sent out to change the signs before too long.
It’s not entirely clear who or how the signs were tampered with, but Kris Olsen with the Washington State Department of Transportation said it wasn’t an easy feat.  “These signs are password protected. So they managed to bypass those security (measures),” she said. “We’re going to work with the contractors to make sure to strengthen those security procedures and the passwords to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”  Olsen said not only does tampering with the signs compromise the safety of drivers and road crews, it’s also a felony.
There are no clear suspects, but the theory is that GHS could stand for Garfield High School, with “012” giving credit to the class of 2012.
As one of the commentors noted in the MyNorthwest article:  “It’s interesting that probably one kid could hack this computer system yet WSDOT has to send out road crews to change the sign back.”  But of course!
Silly kids, although I kinda laughed when I saw it 🙂

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8 years ago

Well if it was Washington D.C. it (the sign) would have been spot on!!!

8 years ago

From what I understand it’s not that hard to hack those things. But ya a couple of kids and it takes a road crew to fix it…

8 years ago

LOL Christy ! …So true !