Zimmerman Trial Update for Wednesday. Interesting.

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Let me state for the record once again. I was not there so I have no knowledge of what happened between Zimmerman and Martin. No one was there except Zimmerman and Martin and maybe the one witness who testified he saw Martin on top of Zimmerman. We may have opinions, but to read some comments elsewhere, well it makes me sick. They state their “Opinion” as if it’s fact. Not to point out the obvious, but it’s usually a Racial comment. Damn the guy is not even white. I just don’t get why so much hatred for this guy. 


U.S. Army JAG corps officer and attorney Alexis Carter

U.S. Army JAG corps officer and attorney Alexis Carter

By  / 3 July 2013    https://clashdaily.com

I almost couldn’t believe what I saw happen today in the courtroom.

Maybe I’m the only one who saw it this way, but when George Zimmerman’s former college criminal law instructor was called as a witness for the prosecution this morning, he was ostensibly supposed to give testimony that the state could use to help convict the accused of being a murderer–instead, U.S. Army JAG corps officer and attorney Alexis Carter basically, glibly, unabashedly sent trans-racial “dog-whistle code” to acquit and absolve his former student, right there in front of the jury and everybody.

Captain Carter did something which completely surprised me, and told me and anyone else who heard the whistle:  This is a good guy, and he’s no murderer.

A rather dark-skinned, well-dressed black man, Carter presented a very relaxed, amiable demeanor as his testimony got underway.  After spending awhile answering probative questions from the prosecutor about his professional background and the criminal litigation course he taught to Zimmerman at Seminole State College, he was asked if he saw Zimmerman there in the courtroom.

Carter’s face immediately began to break into a broad grin as he said “Yes,” and turned to look in the direction of where Zimmerman sat at the defense table.  He didn’t even try to conceal his warm affection for his former student as he waved his hand at Zimmerman and greeted him, cutting right through the stuffiness and formality of the proceedings, saying “How ya doin,’ George!”

Translation:  I know the Law, I teach the Law; George is my man, and he’s innocent.  I vouch for him.  Let him go!

In reaction, for the first time since the trial got underway, Zimmerman (who had stood up from his seat in order to be identified by the witness, as is the protocol) was visibly moved by the message sent, and displayed affection in kind–evidence of the special sort of relationship that can develop between student and teacher.  His own face showed joy and relief, albeit somewhat forcibly suppressed for the sake of trying to stick to poker-faced decorum, as he fought to suppress his own grin by keeping his briefly smiling lips sealed tightly and contain his realization that his friend, Justice, had just made its principled presence felt.  His entire countenance was momentarily awash with relief.

Carter then proceeded to describe further the course contents of criminal procedure which he had transmitted to Zimmerman.  Asked in detail about legal theory applied in the state of Florida concerning justifiable use of deadly force as course material, Carter confirmed that Zimmerman not only had been instructed in things like “castle doctrine” and the newer “stand-your-ground” law, but that George had been one of his better, brighter students, and had earned an A in the class.

As the prosecuting attorney went on, querying Carter on a particular aspect of using deadly force in self defense, Carter’s wry, deadpan answer caused most of the courtroom to break into laughter.  The live TV camera didn’t miss George joining in the mirth shared among those in attendance, as this time he actually dared let his teeth show for a moment as he fought back a broad grin and a hearty chuckle.  Malik Zulu Shabazz must have been throwing furniture at his TV screen.

The intended tactic by the prosecution this morning was to try to show Zimmerman to be a vindictive, power-lusting, frustrated wannabe-cop who not only took the law into his own hands, but used his knowledge of legal theory to carefully craft a huge lie in order to conceal his murderous shooting of the angelic Trayvon Martin.

As with virtually every other witness in this horrible miscarriage of a kangaroo court, the state’s agenda again blew up in their faces–because it should have.  Because their agenda is based not on deliberately investigating true probable cause of wrongdoing, but on sacrificing some unfortunate, barely-white-enough neighborhood watch volunteer with a European name, in the interest of malicious racial pandering and politics.



Read more: https://clashdaily.com/2013/07/zimmerman-trial-update-georges-african-american-former-law-teacher-signals-to-court-not-guilty/#ixzz2Y5BSr9LV
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0 responses to “Zimmerman Trial Update for Wednesday. Interesting.

  1. Great observation and I agree, I feel over when I heard Michael Savage say he was guilty, they would not let me post at wnd, “Now I know my they got on the German trains.”

  2. FINALLY ! I salute that black MAN’s courage in the face of such blatant hypocritcal racial hatchet job in this al sharpton kangaroo court

  3. Maybe this is just a time bomb of sorts that was supposed to set off a race riot. LIke the Rodney King episode set of the LA riots. Are there enough enraged black rioters in America to set off a riot coast to coast? We have a supposedly black president who isn’t even very well liked in Africa if the response to his recent trip to that continent is any gauge of his popularity.
    If martial law was declared if a riot broke out should Zimmerman be

  4. Continued from above……………should Zimmerman be aquitted then African American citizens would be inconvenienced too, and our supposedly black president might not gain popularity on this account in that section of the public. Those who weren’t rioting that is………………..I can’t see Elijah Cummings rioting but perhaps he will be leading the charge………………
    you gotta laugh………………….or cry, take your pick

  5. Alice, an I groan…?

  6. Steve – God bless you for posting this!

  7. My Pleasure Mam.

  8. Dear Friends of FOTM:
    Since we live so close to Sanford and we are emotionally involved in George Zimmerman’s trial, it occurred to me that we need to pray for both families. To quote from an email I just sent:
    We live about 18 miles from Sanford. I have felt from Day One that this fiasco with George Zimmerman is a show trial. I also think that, if he is exonerated, all hell will break lose around us. The questions and answers seem to be based on race anymore. Justice took a back seat so long ago I can’t remember when a verdict means something is right or wrong – only is it black or white! At this point in the trial we are praying that our lives will not be disrupted by racists – black and white – who will take to the streets with their own brand of justice. George Zimmerman and his family need our prayers, along with Trayvon Martin’s family. This is a human problem, not just a black/white problem. If it heads into the streets, we’re all in trouble!

    • So you hang Zimmerman and justice be damned?

      This is not the OJ Simpson trail with all black jurors, now is it.

      Your condescending judgment of, O lets find him guilty, to keep them blacks from rioting, is despicable!

      I give blacks a lot more credit than you, they will not riot if justice is served, and that does not mean if found guilty or innocent.

      • pnordman did not say that. She consistently has stood for Zimmerman and for truth. What she wrote was a hypothetical scenario — that if Zimmerman is exonerated, there’ll surely be race riots. She did not say she is opposed to Zimmerman being exonerated.

        You, poetopoet, are a troublemaker, determined to foment trouble and dissent on this blog. You first spewed your gross, factually inaccurate and bigoted generalization about all Jews. Then when MAD Jewess defended herself, you viciously attacked her. And now you are picking on pnordman for no reason.

        I repeat what I just wrote in a previous comment: YOU ARE NO LONGER WELCOME ON FOTM!

  9. there is no need for this trial to drag on and on. You cannot refute the truth and commonsense. George Zimmerman did exactly what anyone would do in fear for their life.

  10. Dearest of the dear Eo! Thank you from the great depths of my sorrowful heart for defending me with poetopoet. I am sorry he misconstrued what I said. We are indeed fearful of riots if GZ is exonerated – WHICH HE SHOULD BE. This trial is such a travesty. BTW, I’m not the only one around here who is watching the winds, so to speak. I have even heard people say they will be ready if anyone heads toward their house, etc. What a shame that we live in fear because of an act that was justified. Tina, you are so right, GZ did what any of us would do, defend our life.
    Poetopoet, I will add you to our prayer list, right under GZ and TM – OK?! I don’t want you to feel left out!

  11. Dear FOTM readers:
    In light of what’s happening with Mr. Zimmerman, I would like to recommend two outstanding books:
    BACKLASH, by Deneen Borelli (wonderful!)
    COME ON, PEOPLE, by Bill Cosby


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