Zimmerman Jury Picked

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Sanford, Fla.-(970 WFLA)-A jury has been selected to hear the second degree murder trial of George Zimmerman for the shooting death of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin.

The lawyers have picked six Seminole County residents to serve as jurors. All of the six jurors are women.

The trial is expected to last two to four weeks. All the jurors will be sequestered.

Four alternate jurors have also been selected.  Two of the alternates are men.

Let the Circus Begin.



Read more: https://www.970wfla.com/articles/local-news-124415/zimmerman-jury-picked-11413872/#ixzz2Wmv0l2yv

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0 responses to “Zimmerman Jury Picked

  1. I don’t expect this to one of the finest moments in American justice

  2. Concur TD. Hopefully this won’t be a circus.

  3. I agree, TD – this will be a three-ringer, a disgrace to the concept of justice. We live in Central FL and as soon as we saw the TweakTwins stirring the waters, we knew that George Zimmerman was a drowning man. Pitiful!

  4. Yeah, like this guy is going to get a “fair” trial anywhere outside of the Siberian tundra.

    And I’m not really even sure about there.


  5. I agree about the justice thing. I pray the jury takes this very seriously and listens.
    In the beginning, the father plains said, that was not his son on the tape. The neighbor plainly said, Zimmerman was on the bottom, funny how the father has changed his mind and he neighbor was shut up. And the media has clearly left out the fact, that Trayvon had stolen goods in his backpack and been into drugs and they clearly showed a biased picture of him several years ago. The media has downplayed Zimmerman tutoring black kids on weekends for free. Sure changes the story, doesn’t it?
    Let us pray for justice.

  6. Jack Cashill is attending the trial and will be writing a book about it – at least we can look forward to the truth. Too bad Mr. Zimmerman won’t be the recipient of the truth!

  7. I hate to say it , but I do believe Mr. Zimmerman is about to royally railroaded . Does anybody know the racial make-up of the jury by any chance ? That could be a real clue as to the type of justice he will receive .
    Odds are the attorneys for the gov’t will be pulling on the heartstrings of the jury being that they are all women ( NO OFFENSE LADIES ! ) . Unfortunately , this will be a circus .

  8. Have you read the Father and Mother have quietly accepted a
    1 million settlement from Homeowners assoc.?
    I forget where , but it’s true.

    • Steve, I read that also. I also remember at the very beginning the father saying that wasn’t his son on the recording, now they have a taste of money, they are changing their story.

      • Glenn, Of course the media has not mentioned it.
        He did seem rather dapper at last news conference. 😆
        Follow the money…He’s got a taste and now he’ll lie and lie for more.
        Know what, I don’t know what happened. 2 people did.
        Now 1 for sure, there are witness’s who should exonerate if they don’t lie, and a jury.
        I’m just trying to be open minded. But Since I guess I’m not on the jury I don’t have to. The little shit got himself where he should not been.
        You bang my head on ground and you will get same result from me.
        Better to be judged by… well in this case 6 then carried by 6


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