Zimmerman trial; Michael Savage is a Horse’s Patootie

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Don't Know His Arse From His Elbow

Don’t Know His Arse From His Elbow

FOTM’S  poetpoet has brought to my attention that Savage has said that Zimmerman was “Guilty”. So I did a little checking and sure enough the schmuck does declare him guilty.

Ummm, well there are a couple of problems with his explanation. I will give you a link to an Audio File (About 3:00 Min) It’s Savages Reasoning. Then Below that is Transcript of part of 911 call and actual recording.

Savage says Zimmerman guilty

Savage says  “OK Sir, Stay in your car do not pursue him.” He says Zimm got out after being told to stay in. Read the transcript and listen to dispatcher tape.

This has been one of the biggest misunderstandings of whole case. He was out of car. He then called 911, they said “are you out of car and he said yes” They said “go back to car ” and Zimm says “OK”and he did. He did not stalk Martin.

Zimmerman 911 call transcript

Zimmerman: He’s running.

911 dispatcher: He’s running? Which way is he running?

Zimmerman: Down toward the other entrance of the neighborhood.

911 dispatcher: OK, which entrance is that he’s headed towards?

Zimmerman: The back entrance. [Under his breath, ‘F-ing c**ns’]

911 dispatcher: Are you following him?

Zimmerman: Yeah

911 dispatcher: OK. We don’t need you to do that.

Click here to listen to the segment of the 911 call

OH here is part of Fla. “Stand Your Ground Law”

776.012 Use of force in defense of person

(3) A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

~Steve~                                         H/T  FOTM’S  poetpoet

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0 responses to “Zimmerman trial; Michael Savage is a Horse’s Patootie

  1. Savage just wants Zimmerman to be guilty, doesn’t make him so.

  2. On his communities need for his volunteer duty Neighborhood Crime Watch, placing his own life on the line, for his fellow neighbors; Zimmerman, had lost sight of a black-man that was much taller and much darker than he, that was engaged in a suspicious unlawful behavior, Zimmerman suspected that he was clearly casing the area.

    The mass lame stream media of liberal democrats who “Photo Shopped” placed Martins portrait around the world, they did show this black-man, Martin, lighter skinned, younger and smaller than Zimmerman; who is actually of several nationalities, who cannot be legally describe as white (colorless) or Caucasian (a native of Caucasia).

    Their treatment of Martins pictures, was a fraud upon the court the general public, the world in fact, bordering on race baiting, criminally trying insight riots, by placing and putting many innocent lives in grave danger, are shamelessly guilty themselves.

    Martin under his hooded cloak, that Zimmerman after losing sight of him, decided to return to the safety of his auto, just then Zimmerman was attacked and hit with something from behind, that knocked Zimmerman to the ground.

    Although Zimmerman was now prostrate on his back, after being knocked to the ground “He Stood His Ground” fearing for life after receiving many fists blows to head and face and sucker punch or hit by an object from behind, by a hooded black-man on top of him, as the local laws allow, he reacted.

    Zimmerman finally realized his life was about to taken by this black-man called Martin.

    “Use of force in defense of person 776.012

    A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and (3) who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.”

    • poet, great analysis. I ended my post with
      “Use of force in defense of person Fla Statute 776.012
      Seems to cover the situation. Zimm waived his right to a hearing on the
      “Stand your Ground” Don’t know why or if he can still use.
      Again I was not there, but it’s schmucks like Savage who speak before reading.
      What’s really bothering me is the threats of violence from the Black knuckleheads. I really feel bad for most in those communities..It will be the punks and thugs rioting and looting and burning…Their own freakin neighborhood.
      It takes like 10 yrs to get a good supermarket with good prices into a neighborhood like that. After the riots…poof they are gone and people will pay thru the nose at the corner bodega.
      I say each city should issue a statement.
      “Rioters will be shot. Looters will be shot twice” And mean it.
      I bet you shoot one or 2 punks and it’s over. Instead of letting it get out of control, billions in damage and you know innocents always die in these things. Here’s a couple of headlines/ links from drudge.
      WOW!!! WOW!!! Holy Moly.. Drudge has just been Scrubbed in the last 15 minutes. A few headlines have been there all week and now I’ve searched back 1 week and not there.WOW!!
      Well anyway one was
      “Kill George Zimmerman”
      Web results 1 – 13 of 2,180,000 for kill george zimmerman facebook


      • It has been many a year and not one food major chain has returned to where the L.A. Riots took place, go figure, wnd is not what you think they are, they banned me, go figure.

        • poet, that’s what I mean. No big chain will go there. So if any rioting where there is a store, they will just close it up.
          What and why did you get banned from WND.?
          On a bright note at one time or another I’ve probably been banned from every site around. Even this one.. 😆

  3. The MAD Jewess

    Did Savage even SEE Zimmermans mangled face?

    • Hi MJ, This is what’s making me crazy about the whole thing. People are making comments without knowing facts. I’m sort of surprised Savage missed such a simple fact. The damn transcript is on his own site. I mean either they have not read or seen pics, or they are just ignorant and parroting what they have been told.
      PS How goes the stat battle?

      • The MAD Jewess

        Stats ALWAYS stay at so many and that’s it. The ONLY time they are 100K and more was when the other blogger was with me. She put up bloody pics of that naked cannibal.
        Other than that, maybe 400 ppl a day. Which is horse-dung.
        Active bloggers go UP in #’s, not down.

        One time last week, they gave me the big ‘1000’. WOW! (Eyeroll)

        Savage loses his brains. Zimmerman was the watch-man. He could not just ‘let him go’. When SECONDS count, the police are MINUTES away. At any rate, that Trayvon kid should not have beat the hell out of a watchman. He beat up a person representing peace. He is GUILTY.
        They even let Zimmerman GO!!!!!!
        ITs s SHAM, Steve, totally, 100%.

        Anyway, off to sing. Pray for Savage, he needs mental care lol

  4. The MAD Jewess

    ALSO, I believe that white people should start suing these black racists and leftists that push anti white hating propaganda.
    We need to find lawyers and bury these people–THEY ARE THE RACISTS.

    • MJ, I am so tired of double standard. I’m in Fla so I guess I’m following a little closer. As I state in every post “I was not there. Neither was anyone Else”
      So when I read people say things like facts it drives me insane.
      Your right in that we have to find a way to make these rabble rousers pay.
      I don’t think this would have been this big if not for Rev Sharpton and Jackson. Sharpton has blood on his hands from NY with Tawana Brawly, and Freddy’s clothing store in Harlem.
      Isn’t there a charge inciting to riot?

  5. All of the evidence must be presented and taken in its proper context, and the very clear standard that one be found guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” exists. So far from what I have heard, that standard has not been met by the prosecution.

    • Agreed.

    • Savage knows the blacks will turn (riot) on his kind too, because their loaded and they’re loaded with them in Florida. Ass, like Rev. Jackass LOL, calls them, the Hymies, how they are just a bunch “white crazy cracka’s” along with all them off blacks, Ebonicly stated!

      Yes, sir. Rachel Jeantel ranted in Ebonics over and over again and again in perfect ebonics, put-downs.

      Screw them and Savage; I cannot believe Micro-soft Word, demands one use a capital E for ebonics, but not a capital C for catholic, go figure.

  6. Poet, I’ll be a sonafa bi*** I just did a word doc and the freakin thing auto Capitalized Ebonics, but left catholic lower case.

    • We are all Christians, after-all that’s what we are if Christian, and believe Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God. For Christ himself said after the apostles said some are doing works in your name and they are not with us.

      Jesus told them to leave them alone for they work in my name. “not exact”

      That it is one my favorite quotes of Jesus Christ.

  7. Steve

    Being that I live in Alaska my choices for conservative radio broadcasts are limited. Such being the case, I listen to streaming audio on the net while doing other nefarious things on my secondary computer. My choice of primary stations is KSFO out of San Francisco where Savage has a 5pm to 8pm Ak time slot.

    I was listening to his show on the day he first stated his outlandish OPINION regarding Zimmerman and thought that being in SF, the liberal capitol of the world,he must have “accidentally” consumed some “magic” mushrooms with his dinner salad .But, lo and behold, the very next day he resumed his ranting’s regarding the case. Personally, I think the man is losing it, Either that or he is on Jessie Jacksons payroll.

    All levity aside, any and all publicized comments regarding guilt or innocence on Zimmerman’s part should come directly out of the courtroom and not originate on a “talk” show. There is too much at stake here for him to voice an opinion that some of his listeners might perceive as factual. If Zimmerman is found innocent (HICH IS MY OPINION) there are threatened riots which this “on air intellectualizing” will further exacerbate causing further needless carnage and heartbreak.

    I think that I am done listening to Michael Savage,

    Wild Bill

    • Savage, like Rubio are showing their true colors, traitors to America, plain and simple. Savage, the Jews, Rubio, the illegal Hispanics, who are not and never will be assimilated Americans. ever.

      • The MAD Jewess

        Uh, some Joos are not wishy washy.

      • Savage was born and raised in the Bronx NY,NY and cannot be “assimilated” into the American way of life as you use the term. I find your generalization of Jews and “illegal Hispanics” as incapable of assimilation beneath your otherwise “credible” presence here on this forum. Care to elucidate your position, that I personally find racist?


        • Wilddill, “that I personally find racist” Racist you say and find, wow, not an anti Semite and not a crazy white cracker who will not speak Spanish in America?

          Get a transplant Wilddill, because your pickle has no balls for they have gone kosher.

          I do not care to elucidate you or any other wishy-washy manchild. This is America and not your call that my generalizations are beneath you. Move along Wilddill, nothing to Amend here but you, and not Article I, for free speech is a God given right-write like “crucify him and stick them up and give me your money”, Wilddill.

          What are going to do now, defend them?

          • The MAD Jewess

            I dont give a corn, personally if you are a racist OR an anti semite, but I get tired of being labeled with the other Jews just BECAUSE I am a Jew.
            There is good and bad in all people and MANY born again believers in America voted for Obama, they must not be ‘assimilated’ as well.

            I know there are good black patriots like Pastor Manning, Puma By Design, and many others.
            Just as there are Jews that are not liberal or Commie.

            You just act like its only us who are the cancer when the cancer is all over.

            Savage may have been born in the Bronx, but my people on my Dads side are Seneca/Iroquois, no assimilation is necessary since it is MY land.

            • My Dear, I did not mention your name and until i do please refrain from accepting the guilt and rants of others, for it is called race baiting.

              I am happy though for your death sentence, because you do care “I dont give a corn, personally if you are a racist OR an anti semite,” you charged me as guilty, hoe, may God forjive you. Just you remember, your last words better not be his name in vamp.

              • The MAD Jewess

                You sound like a little mary. Do you need a tampon, sugar?

                • O shit she is going to throw her star of David at me, or maybe scalp me in her traditional transvestite Seneca/Iroquois dress or suit and war paint. Please you will at lest be clean shaved everywhere, and mean everywhere.

                  I do wonder if it has canoe, then again, nope, its fat ass and big head would have sunk it by now.

                  She aka it, is a real Obama aka black redistributionist “no assimilation is necessary since it is MY land.”, really, you are a Mad Jewness!

                  • The MAD Jewess

                    Are you finished crying?

                    • Yes, because it would be down right un-Christian of me if I did not and I do forgive you, for it is far better to forgive your attackers and hate mongers than too sling their shit back at them.

                  • I’ve been scarce on FOTM for the last 2-3 days because of Internet connectivity problems, so I just saw poetopoet’s obnoxious bigoted comment. FOTM does not tolerate any bigotry, including bigotry against Jewish people.

                    You, poetopoet, are confusing and equating an ethnic group (Jews) with evil people. While it is true that too many Jews are Leftists fomenting & directly causing a lot of evil and discord (e.g., George Soros, Rahm Emanuel, Bill Maher, many purveyors of porn), there are good and bad in every race, ethnicity, nation, gender, and sexual orientation. Just as not all Catholics priests are pedophiles, so not all Jews are evil TPTB behind-the-scenes puppeteers. But all pedophiles and TPTB are evil. The problem, therefore, is moral evil, instead of a particular racial or ethnic group.

                    The MAD Jewess is a valiant political and cultural conservative — and a good friend of FOTM. You owe her an apology.

                    You are no longer welcome on FOTM.

                    Dr. Eowyn
                    Founder and owner of FOTM

                    • No problem, learn to read and not too judge or be judged.

                    • Really?

                      I have no problem reading and comprehending what you wrote. As for your sanctimonious injunction to “not too [sic] judge or be judged,” aren’t you precious! — for it was you who started all this by spewing your anti-Semitic hate. Seriously, you really need to undertake an examination of conscience.

  8. The MAD Jewess

    Savage did something were he really screwed up; He said semi-autos should be banned.
    He lost me and most people with that statement. He knows that these people in charge are hard core Commies. What a WRONG thing to say at the WRONG time.

    Now, its Zimmerman–who was left go right after the incident happened. the Police in FL (Sanford) caved to the race-hustling blacks and this is the sole reason Zimmerman is a dead man if they find him guilty.

    Savage can be a real wishy washy moron

  9. Old North State

    I’ve known and observed that some men go a little soft in the head as they go further into elderhood. Savage is over 70 and also just ended a two-year legal battle that took much out of him. When he divorced from TRN, he effectively had to start his career over in a very late time slot. He had to find a slot with hundreds of radio stations and probably has taken a big hit on his income, although he won his suit and has been paid off.

    His latest novel has had MUCH lower sales than his first, as he was completely OFF the radio when the court ruling came down and couldn’t hawk it on the air. He might be wondering if the suit was worth it at all.

    Michael has screwed up before. After Newtown he was opining about the size of gun magazines and even questioned the availability of semi-auto rifles. Both “soft in the head” ideas more worthy of Cuomo than Savage. I think that Savage has really damaged himself with the Trayvon remarks. He sounded like someone who just started reading about the story that day, parroting long ago debunked falsehoods. He may need to retire, IMHO.


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