Women say they want to be punched in the face

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Chris Brown is a popular “African-American” R&B singer. In 2008, he assaulted his then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna, leaving her face bloodied and bruised:

On June 22, 2009, Brown pleaded guilty to a felony and accepted a plea deal of community labor, 5 years’ formal probation and domestic violence counseling.
After he sang at the Grammy’s Award show two nights ago, this is the reaction from his female fans:
[Source: Matt Stopera for Buzzfeed.com]
The suffragettes, like Susan B. Anthony, who fought so hard for women’s right to vote must be so proud.

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0 responses to “Women say they want to be punched in the face

  1. wth? are these women really this stupid ?

    • The story at Jezebel…
      “Violent Lothario Chris Brown Spawns Worst Twitter Trend Ever,” Jezebel, 13 Feb 2012
      “… The women who offered themselves up for a Chris Brown face punching are not the problem; they’re the symptom of a culture that teaches people (and especially young women) that love is submitting to your partner’s ever whim and not holding them to any sort of behavioral standard. …”

      • Nor do they (the women) have any standards for themselves. Sad…

      • Hey Anon, This rant is not directed at you at all. I know that you were quoting another blogger. With that said….
        Good grief our society is so totally lost! Maybe I am a dying breed, but none of this makes sense to me! I am not that much older than some of these girls either. All this does is tell women to not submit to their husbands! We have got to quit blaming everyone else for our OWN choices! The real problem here is that parents are to wrapped up in their own lives to give a crap what their kids are doing, and when confronted they just say the kids deserve privacy.
        (Ephesians 5:22-33) Paul tells us exactly how a marriage is suppose to be! My husband respects me, so this would never happen, but if he ever did call me a name or raise a hand towards me, he knows that he would not LIVE to see tomorrow. He knows that if I didn’t finish him off, and that is a big IF, my dad and brother would. Having respect for myself doesn’t mean I cannot submit to my husband! And what does Love have to do with anything! These girls do not love Chris Brown. They are just RAUNCHY.
        If some man that was close to Rhiana had of gotten ahold of Chris Brown and beat the ever loving poop outa him, then I believe girls every where would look at this situation alittle differently. But instead Rhiana got punished! CoverGirl pulled her ads off the air.

        • Anyways, I was not allowed to call boys all through high school, I could not go on a date unless they picked me up, and I lived 20 miles outa town, and they had to come ring the doorbell, come inside, and speak to my parents while my dad held an ax, gun, baseball bat, whatever. I remember yelling at my dad one night b/c a guy I really liked wouldn’t come p/me up. And my dad telling me that, I was a catch and by damn I was worth the chase and if he didn’t think so, then he wasn’t man enough for his little girl. He was right! Maybe that is why I ended up with a Godly man.
          Look, my little brother is 10 yrs younger than me. The girls nowadays, make it way to easy! They have no respect for themselves. They GIVE IT AWAY! But guess what girls, the boys want a girl they can take home to mom! Why would he buy the dang cow if he is getting the milk for free! My little brother finally has gotten serious about a girl, and she is beautiful, but by dang she makes him work at everything. She KNOWS she is worth it! Have some respect for yourselves! That is how you weed the bad ones out.

  2. I am furious he was allowed to even perform on the Grammys! By the way, almost everything on this site has made Megan Kelly’s News show today on Fox News! I think she must like the site! 🙂

    • Interesting! What did Megan Kelly mention? I don’t watch Fox News because we don’t have cable. Getting it would mean drilling a hole through the floor of our 1930 house. 🙁

      • Oh I’m jealous! I would take a 1930’s house over cable any day!
        She has done a segment over the Dad shooting the laptop, she had the “Attack Watch” ad that y’all used on, and she has talked about school lunches being regulated and talked about the how the government needs to get out of our kids business. She talked about a conservative website and what the comments reflected. Some of them sounded very similar to the ones on here. Especially the ones on “Attack Watch”. I Adore Megyn Kelly!

  3. Somebody needs to define what a real man is to these women. Men who beat up women, are men who feel inferior. The real problem here is these girls Dads. If their fathers had of done their jobs as Dads then these girls would know that this is wrong! These girls seem to have “Daddy Issues”!

  4. I guess it explains Obama’s popularity with certain people. They just can’t get enough of him beating up on their lives and putting our republic in harms’ way.
    What did Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Gingrich and Ron Paul have to say about this? They need to do something radical to stop the whooping Obama is giving the American citizens. His latest ally, the new head of Al Qaeda must not have any reservations about declaring his loyalty to the US cause for regime change in Syria, maybe he is jealous of the violent way Osana bin Laden’s life was ended, or as was described by the MSM.
    Obama is such a ‘real man” yeah!!! You can tell how manly he is by all the drone attacks he’s made on innocent women and children. He must be Chris Brown’s role model. Monk** see, Monk** do/
    No prejudicial intention okay? I believe there is one race, that is one species, that we belong to, the human species. The race we are running is the one St. Paul was running in. This is not hate speech, it’s just a comment on the blog about the girls who are into SM from the tone of their twittering.

  5. Good grief, these girls are sick! And so is this music industry. The fact that Brown was even allowed to get up on stage, to a rousing ovation, makes me sick to my stomach.

  6. Simply unbelievable that these young women (mostly white and probably leading a very sheltered life) would think and feel this way.
    Parents, if any of these girls are your daughters, it might be a good idea to take them to a battered woman’s shelter and have them talk to women who have suffered from domestic abuse.

    • Yeah, but all these women who make up the “sexual marketplace” (SMP) today want arousing “bad boys” who “display higher value” (DHV) by behaving in an antisocial manner… unlike “average frustrated chump” (AFC) who “display lower value” (DLV) by having character and being “followers” therefore. Just ask any “pick-up artist” (PUA) about “Game” and the SMP todaty, and they’ll tell you.

  7. here is a classic example of our problems today. no discipline,no morals,no values,no respect. These people trying to justify everything in society as “ok” when it is not.

    • Tina you are exactly right! No discipline either. If someone ever does this to my daughter, my hubby would kick his a**, if I don’t get to him first!

  8. This is the modern dating/mating scene where women crave “Alpha” males and any man who wouldn’t do things like this to her is a loser “Beta” male not worth the time of day.

  9. Brilliant Sage! I hadn’t thought of that but u are so right! That is what these post are about!

  10. It’s a fantasy

  11. Stoopid f’ing bitches.
    And that was the kind version. 🙂


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