Wisconsin Teachers Show Kids How to March for Big Government

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To see what $16 billion worth of education spending can get you in Wisconsin, check out this heartwarming video shot on the streets of Madison yesterday (via Weekly Standard):

Yes, those are public school students gleefully meandering toward a massive teachers’ union protest when they learned that all of their classes had essentially been canceled for the day. Parents who are busy working – or beating the streets in search of honest pay – got the luxury of seeing their unsupervised teenagers wander the streets during school hours.
Are the teachers protesting because of impending layoffs? Nope. A longer work schedule? No. Pay cuts? No.
They’re hysterically walking off their jobs because Governor Walker wants to set more limits on union influence to bargain over pay and other issues.
That’s it. In a state with 7 percent unemployment and a budget deficit in the billions, these teachers are putting their own jobs in jeopardy – and blatantly encouraging students to march with them – because their union will lose a little bit of power.
Do they feel bad about brainwashing clueless teenagers regarding politics? Do they fear parents might get annoyed at their own children pressuring the state to seize more wealth for a union?
Not so much:

As teachers beamed and offered thanks, student organizers in the hallways handed out signs identifying each as a “future worker, future voter,” proclaiming this was a “Walk out for Walker out,” and calling on the Legislature to “kill this bill.”

Students said teachers appeared torn by their support for what their students were doing, but also awareness that they weren’t supposed to encourage student political activity.

Yeah. Torn. That’s the word for it.

Remember this the next time a liberal tells you they really do care about America’s debt problem.

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0 responses to “Wisconsin Teachers Show Kids How to March for Big Government

  1. This isn’t what teachers should show students.

  2. Yep, it’s all for the children. Greedy people…

  3. What would happen to any other professional if they chose to WALK OFF from their job for the day for a frivilous and selfish reason? They would be fired!!!!!!!!!!!! As a Wisconsin resident, I am disgusted that my tax dollars are wasted by these spoiled cry babies. Fire them all and replace them with people who actually take pride in their jobs enough to fulfill their responsibility to work on a day that it is REQUIRED that they WORK!!!!

  4. PA teacher suspended for blogging students are “disengaged, lazy whiners”… let’s see, “educators” use job time for politics but suspend teachers for telling the truth.
    “Pa. Teacher Strikes Nerve with ‘Lazy Whiners’ Blog,” by AP, 16 FEB 11

  5. Can their ass! I’m sure there are plenty out there that would sincerely like the job! I’m watching this on tv right now,their is quite a protest,democrats {The New Socialist Party} are M.I.A.- anyone want to bet these protesters have been bussed in???


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