Your Sunday Morning Funny Papers.

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~Steve~                                H/T My Bud I-Man

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0 responses to “Your Sunday Morning Funny Papers.

  1. The lady in the wheelchair is a classic . L.M.A.O…… “IT’S A MIRACLE”….The “spirits ” made her arise out of the wheelchair . Gee , what’s next for her ; running ” The Boston Marathon ” ……….with booze in hand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She’s probably going for a victory drink after her lawyer called and told her her S.S.D.I. has been approved ………B.t.w….the rest were pretty damn funny also ……..l.o.l.

  2. giggle…
    Those are even better. Or like the one I read not long ago.
    “Look at the manly clean-shaven man.” said nobody.
    I don’t know about the ladies on here but I like the mountain man look minus the long shoulder length hair. (wink)
    @ Japoa. AWww you beat me here! Good one with the spirits. Steven always finds the BEST stuff to share! Thanks!

  3. I love these! – especially the one about burning bridges. LOL

  4. PRICELESS – still looking for a favorite cause they’re all so good. Thanks, Steve, for getting my week off to a great start!

  5. pnordman, why shucks Mam. it’s my pleasure. 😀


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