No Privacy w/ Your Smart Phone

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Just because people are watching me, does not mean I’m paranoid….

Floyd Brown from Reports that your “Smart Phone”
Is really just a great big tracking device. Sounds really scary to me., But why does it not surprise me?
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Written on December 3, 2011 by Floyd Brown
If you are like us, every day you pick up a smart phone and you send email, visit with friends on Facebook, send a text message or even log into your bank’s website and pay a bill. These modern day conveniences have become routine.
We all believe that our passwords are secure, our data is protected, and life is easier if we don’t have to write a check to pay a bill or dig around and find a stamp to send a friend a quick note.
But this morning we are no longer sure. The tech world is in a fury, which we believe will soon break out into society at large, about a little know software
program call Carrier IQ. Over the Thanksgiving weekend a 25 year old programmer by the name of Trevor Eckhart posted a video on YouTube which graphically displays how our naive beliefs of privacy are just plain wrong.
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4 responses to “No Privacy w/ Your Smart Phone

  1. Lovely….

  2. How to stop it from sending data…

    • At least until Carrier IQ pushes an update to prevent this.

    • I couldn’t find “diagnostics and usage” under general, about, settings. Course I’m still on the 3G iPhone. This must be a newer version. Or I’m having another blonde moment 🙂


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