Your Eyeball, Up Close

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A 34-year-old Armenian teacher of physics, Suren Manvelyan, took these amazing microscopic pics of the human eye, which resemble the surfaces of Mars or some alien planet.

Some reader comments on the Daily Mail article say the pics give them the creeps.
I think it’s the pupils. They look like black holes into a bottomless abyss….

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0 responses to “Your Eyeball, Up Close

  1. It is a black hole or an endless abyss into the mind. What a remarkable thing from the image’s journey to brain and then all the ideas, concepts, perceptions – endless.

  2. OK, kinda creeps me out a bit!

  3. Definite windows to the soul.

  4. It is my understanding that our eyes are part of a continuous system that runs from the innermost parts of our brains to eventually make its way out unto our eye sockets, quite literally part of our internal organs looking upon the world!
    The Creation never ceases to fill me with awe, even as it delights me!


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