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boy plays flute to kitten
H/t FOTM’s dee!

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  1. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.

  2. So special.

  3. A Norman Rockwell photograph!

  4. That is beautiful.

  5. I wish I could have taken it. That’s outstanding.

  6. Just needs a soundtrack!

  7. Aah, so cute!! 😊😊😊

  8. What a delightful picture . . . I wish I could just step into that day and time, and leave behind the chaos of today.

  9. A cat version of RCA’s “Dog by the megaphone” icon.

  10. It’s just beautiful! Touched my heart and brought a smile to my face. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn. I really needed that.

  11. AH…….I just dropped the baggage of the week off my shoulders by looking at this…….my heart is softening and slowing into a nice, healthy state now….BIG SIGH…..sweet thoughts…..two innocents enjoying life together..
    It looks like this sweet child is practicing on a recorder….maybe not, but, my kids had lessons on it in school, in fact, the school GAVE each child the recorder when it was their turn to take the class b/c way back before TESTING was the be-all to end-all in public schools…learning to READ MUSIC was considered a part of education!!!….They might NOT have turned into musicians…but they DID learn to read music (which is a universal language!!!!…just like ART….IN FACT, world-wide…these are our FIRST languages…and we ALL share them alike without ever meeting one another……!!!!!). (Aside: both of my kids went on with music in middle and high school….one toured Europe at minimal cost with a college ensemble, even tho’ his major was in the tech/sciences….and the other ended up using music EVERYDAY in his self-employement….very profitably….)
    Unfortunately, very little of this ever happens any more for our little school kids…’s drill and kill, test and test language arts and Math…the ONLY subjects on the planet nowadays (I call it “weighing the hog” b/c we keep testing/weighing, which takes away all the time we need to PUT SOMETHING INTO the “hog” before we weigh….”teaching to the test” and ETC….) ….forget the arts, the universal language of mother Earth…….Oh to be in a school where a child learns to play the recorder and can identify a Da Vinci before age 10…..MAYBE they would find school interesting enough, engaging enough to embrace the other subjects and LOVE school again!
    Sorry if I “take on so” but this is a hauntingly beautiful photo AND concept…:)

  12. The plan is for the arts to be enjoyed by the oligarchs, the alpha class, and the proles who are deemed useful and allowed to live for a while, are not to be distracted from their labors. Global Auschwitz. Souls and spirits are to be removed, but the few left alive will become so inbred that they wll be worse off than the proles. Aldous Huxley, “Brave New World” (he died the same day President Kennedy was murdered) and George Orwell, 1984, they are both part of the program.

    • Oh my, marble… gave me a chill up my spine with the term” global Auschwitz.” But—I TOTALLY SEE what you mean…..thus, the chills……..

  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn and dee for this darling post. I just love it. The little musician knows that the little kitty loves his music.


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