Your Children Now Face a New Norm

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Via FoxNation: Six-year Old Girl Groped by TSA
This is past the point of absurd. We know who the extreme terrorists are and they aren’t little caucasian six-year old girls. The children of today are being raised to believe that this intrusive  behavior is now the standard in America.  Please pray for our future generations.
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0 responses to “Your Children Now Face a New Norm

  1. I don’t advocate violence against women, but in this case the only thing that would’ve kept me from kicking that TSA agent square in her ass would have been two broken legs.
    This might as well have been child molestation.

  2. We need to stop being politically correct and profile appropriately. This screening was uncalled for. It made me nauseous.

  3. Since it’s inception, the TSA has never arrested one damn terrorist attempting to board an aircraft with box cutters, explosives or some sort of weapon of mass destruction.
    A trained bomb sniffing dog could do a much better job screening passengers just sitting at check points without ever making contact. But what do we have? Fat, overpaid, arrogant and above the law TSA employees groping six year olds wanting to go visit their grand parents.

  4. How’re kids supposed to know what “bad touch” is then? (Damn, like a 6-year-old could smuggle an RPG launcher under her shirt!)

  5. Where are the parents of this little girl? If I were her mom, I’d never agree to it. I’d first ask to speak to the supervisor of the TSA agent; next to the airline itself and inform the airline that because of the TSA’s egregious behavior, I will no longer be flying. Period.

  6. Oh, muslims can’t be frisked like everyone else… they might get offended, you know.

  7. This is disgusting,appalling,degrading,violation of the 4th amendment. Supposedly,the way they are doing this, is the “Patriot Act” which was written by Joe Biden of all people. This is why it was held up. They are asking to get their come up-ins!!

  8. TSA vs. Larry the Cable Guy in Witless Protection…

  9. As Pontius Pilate said to Jesus: “What is Truth”? I ask now :What is norm?
    We don’t have to warn our children about the guys with the macks outside the school. They are now inside the school! This is going too far! All of this PC crap has gone beyond a joke! Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered.


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