Young Males Sexually Harassed at NSA

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NSA's threat operations center, Fort Meade, Maryland, 2006

An exclusive-to-subscribers Wayne Madsen Report paints a disturbing portrait of the White House’s National Security Agency (NSA) as a hotbed of sex scandals — of adultery, child porn, and gay sexual harassment. Worse still, the very group responsible for security for NSA with the sinister name of “Q”, is engaged in a systematic coverup of the scandals and threatening whistleblowers.
Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative reporter who was a U.S. Naval officer and had worked for the NSA. In NSA ‘Q Group’ Protecting Sex Scandals While Plugging Potential Leaks,” Madsen writes on January 10, 2011:

WMR’s intelligence sources report that the National Security Agency’s “Q Group,” the directorate responsible for overall security for NSA, is actively investigating and harassing NSA employees who have reported on senior officials at the sprawling intelligence agency, which now includes the new U.S. Cyber Command, of engaging in adulterous trysts with subordinates and possessing improper sexual material, including child pornography.
WMR has previously reported on the improper activities of the Q Group, which has become a virtual uncontrolled FBI within the NSA. Q continues to protect NSA senior officials who engage in and promote a culture of sexual exploitation of junior employees at the intelligence agency. Q Group has also misused NSA psychologists and psychiatrists to deem anyone who charges senior officials of the agency with sexual misconduct or harassment unfit to hold a security clearance for reasons of mental impairment.
On August 28, 2009, WMR reported: “NSA Security, headed up by Kemp Ensor III, and NSA medical worked in tandem to deny security access to employees determined to be mentally unfit to have access to classified information at NSA. However, due to the attrition of highly-qualified personnel, the security-medical duo is now prescribing Prozac and Zoloft for NSA employees who refuse to fall into line. NSA is abuzz with the new requirement for employees to take what they call ‘happy pills.’ The sexual harassment scene has also reportedly changed at Fort Meade. In the past, sexual harassment at NSA involved older male managers preying on young female employees. That has now changed in what has become an environment of ‘do ask and do tell.’ WMR has been informed that there is an increase in complaints about sexual harassment from new young male hires about being forced into ‘kinky rendezvouses’ with older male managers.”
Q Group has also gone outside of its legal authority to harass the families and friends of former agency employees who have brought charges against NSA for sexual harassment and misconduct. WMR has learned of NSA personnel illegally masquerading as phone company technicians who entered the property of the family of one such ex-employee. In another case, Q Group personnel poisoned two pet dogs of the family of an ex-employee under NSA surveillance. Q Group personnel have also been used to harass the ex-spouses of senior NSA officials involved in child custody cases. WMR has also been informed that Q Group has harassed NSA employees who have married the ex-wives of NSA senior officials who have ongoing legal battles with their ex-husbands.
Q Group is able to conduct its harassment of civilians in the Fort Meade area with a “wink and a nod” from local law enforcement and other officials. NSA senior managers have dipped into NSA’s substantial slush fund to lavish money on community service projects and programs in cash-strapped local municipalities and counties. The concept of the “friendly NSA that provides funds and jobs” has bought loyalty and silence from local and state of Maryland officials. In addition, WMR has learned that NSA has placed agents within the congressional offices of local members of Congress in order to interdict and retaliate against NSA whistleblower congressional complaints. The NSA “embeds,” who work in concert with NSA’s Office of Legislative Affairs, are found within the offices of Maryland Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin, and Maryland Representatives C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger, Steny Hoyer, Elijah Cummings, Chris Van Hollen, and Paul Sarbanes, and is currently inserting an agent into the office of freshman Representative Andy Harris.
As discovered in a January 2005, Q Group Personnel Security organizational chart obtained by WMR, Q2, contains an office of counter-intelligence, which WMR has reported has been involved in illegal surveillance of individuals far beyond the NSA infrastructure.

On July 3, 2009, WMR reported: “The Obama administration, rather than lessen the pressure on the NSA personnel, has turned up the heat and is resorting to even more draconian methods to ensure silence. The word from inside NSA is that a state of fear exists and the mission of the agency, to conduct surveillance of foreign communications to provide threat indications and warnings to U.S. troops and policy makers and protect sensitive U.S. government communications from unauthorized eavesdropping is suffering as a result.” Our latest information is that the Obama administration is increasing pressure on NSA personnel to deter leaks.
Obama’s Justice Department is now actively retroactively pursuing U.S. intelligence community leakers from the time of the Bush administration. [They include former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, former NSA official Thomas Drake, former State Department analyst Stephen Kim.]….


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  1. This is incredible! This is also sickening. We live in a web of evil.

  2. A left/liberal command climate, disagreement is disloyalty and morals are for suckers who’d only get caught if they didn’t have ’em… glad I don’t work there.

  3. I used to hear numerous cases involving sexual harassment. It is a real evil and it is very sickening. And Obama is trying to cover all of this up! No big surprise! He is doing the same thing with his personal records!

  4. I worked for the NSA from 1982 – 2010. My family had a long history of serving the USA in the military, both sides of my family came to America in the 1600’s and I am related to more than one American historical figure. Since I wanted to serve my country and was good at foreign languages, I applied to NSA right out of college. I had never fallen into the trap of promiscuous sex, drinking, or drug use, must less anything criminal so I was accepted readily. In the ensuing years, the most pervese and incomp-etent came to power at NSA – it is run by a “Kakistocracy”, a governance by the worst of the worst. They are the reason 9/11 was allowed to happen. Kowingly ALLOWED to happen. Most of the rank and file have no idea what scum of the earth runs NSA. All they know, is that their work is at the very least, not rewarded, or not credited to them. I found out the hard way how very evil NSA is to the core. I was responsible for a series of intelligence reports that saved the lives of MANY American military personnel. I and my co-worker had to fight NSA management to put out the reports. It was like they WANTED our military to be dessimated. My co-worker used his rich list of contacts in other government agencies and military to let VIPs know that there was an undetected danger. They clammored for the reports and forced NSA to allow us to send them out. Later, we received kudos and multiple awards for the invaluable intelligence. When the spot light shifted, my co-worker was chased out of the office and my work credit was used to promote an under-educated whore, who was “servicing” the managers in the Weapons & Space Dorectorate. At the time, I didn’t know why my work was stolen. I went to the NSA IG – who apparently, not only dismissed my complaint without investigating or interviewing the witnesses who supported me, but instructed the manager in charge of W & S to have subordinate managers falsify an accusation against me that I had leaked classified information to the press. This happened the day that Thomas Drake’s first article about computer fraud and waste came out. I never knew him, nor did I even work in the compartmented area where this info was available. This was a red herring to derail my IG complaint. When I was called down to Security Polygraph, a polygraph examiner named Joe verbally ambushed me just outside the door to the test room in order to upset, confuse and skew my reaction to the test. He suddenly SCREAMED at me, “I’ve done over 2,000 polygraphs and if you try to pull anything on my, I’ll GET YOU!” Of course, I flunked the test. I was called back a second time, and passed – which thoroughly displeased the 2nd polygraqph examiner. He did not liek the fact that my two polygraphs were polar opposites, so he called for a third. Which I passed. But, that did not keep NSA Security from apparently turning me in as a potentila spy to the FBI. Those imbeciles also failed to interview anyone but the crooks, and followed me around for months. Then they gave up because there was certainly no evidence of wrong doing on my part. On MY part. Plently of evidence against my accusers but God forbid we investigate the crooks. So, NSA Security broke into my home multiple times trying to find anythting to blackmail me with, but all they found were a rich library of American History and Christian literature. Being unable to blackmail me i nto dropping my complaint, they set about to harass and intimidate me by: sending Security goons to stalk and harass me on and off NSA campus, having goons pretending to have authority slander and libel me to my fellow co-workers, neighbors, social circles, as a “spy/traitor” and trying to have people shun me like a paraiah. They waged a hate-campaign to the degree that it was obvious that they were trying to force an incident where someone would harm me or worse. Security goons even eventually worked into arranging aggressive driving attacks on me trying to cause cars accidents that would certainly have resulted in serious inury or death of me and anyone near me. When I went to the Howard County police, they not only refused to investigate my report and information (cars, license plates, dates/times of harassment, as well as pictures of the perpetrators), but I caught Office WIliams and Detective Chad Meyers aiding and abetting the harassment and slander campaign under the auspices of Captain Coon. NSA also went to the neighborhood watch in Long Reach, Columbia Maryland and arranged “augmented harassment” 24/7 by neighbors and jobless in the area for compensation. I was told by a Department of Justice lawyer that “home improvements” paid for under the table by NSA was a favorite way to compensate “vichy Americans” helping them harass whistle blowers. For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why they did not correctly investigate and blew off all my evidence in favor of unsubstantiatable lies. As th areticle states, they even poisoned to a family dog (a beautiful NewFoundland) because they did not want me alerted to the fact that they were trespassing to upload 24 hours worth of information from the burst bug secreted in my house somewhere (they make noise when you download them but are undetectable electronically unless downloading). When I complained, I was immediately removed from my top secret clearance job, accused of being “paranoid and delusional”. All of my personal medical files AND ALL of the NSA psycholigcal files showed NO EVIDENCE OF ANY MENTAL ILLNESS. I even had an independent psychologist evaluate me long term, test me, and review their tests. His conclusion was that their “diagnosis” not only was improper (did not follow psychological protocol AT ALL) but were totally impossible. He was astonished that despite ALL evidence to the contrary, my security clearance was revoked and I was FIRED just TWO YEARS before I could have fully retired from the Federal government for a non-existent mental illness. Yet, the sex pervert W &S Office Chief, the W&S manager who began a branch of W&S at an Air Force best out west, and other W&S managers who had slept with the W&S nymphomaniac whore, who stole my work credit and was promoted to Chief of S2J33 were just dandy to keep their clearances. Degenerate vermin are running NSA like a whore house and sex playground and firing anyone who inconveniences them as well as endangering the USA with this nonsense, if you wish to help me and others fight these traitorous scum, contact Melville Johnson PC, 22 Seventh St. Atlanta, GA. 32308 in regard to the Karen Stewart case. The military show surround NSA with tanks and peronnel and drag these vermin out, polygraph the traitors and perverts, then put them on trial. THEY should go to Guantanamo – forever. The main who warned about 9/11 was alinguist who spoke 14 languages, and they pulled the fake mental illness accusation and fired him as well. Do you know how INVALUABLE such a super talent as that is to the US where so many linguists are piss poor? NSA upper managers are the biggest traitors the US has EVER known. The Director of NSA, General Alexander should be courtmarshalled as the biggest degenerate of all. I have a case against the vermin before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). As usual, NSA Cousel General tactics are to needlessly stall, run up the bill wasting huge amounts of tax payer moneyt to defend the indefensible, disregard EEOC judge orders – and get away with it. They usually “win” by default, using tax payer money to pervert the justice system. We;ll see if the EEOC is a watch dog or a lap dog. I fear the latter. (Did I mention that anyone given the “NSA treatment” is ordered blackballed from any/all Federal jobs to make sure they can’t finish their careers?) All this for sexual perversions of vindictive, reprobate NSA management. In the Spring of 2010, NSA even tried to get the Senate to pass a law giving NSA the “right” to revoke the retirment of anyone they felty like. NO due process. Yet more ammunition against whistel blowers. THIS time, a couple savvy Senator shot them down, but you can bet bribery and coercion o
    f Senators will go into their next attampt.

  5. They also watch us all from sattelites (male & female) setting us up to be raped or unknowingly accept the “watchers” into our lives. They continue watching, harassing, stalking, torturing per sattelites and cameras while using undetectable psychotropics to fulfill their sadism. Military school cadets and “leaders”….thus high suicides in & abroad US, no one stops it. SOS


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