You tell 'em girl!

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This gal rocks! Via The Blaze: Amilya Antonetti, Chairman and CEO of AMA Productions, rips into Bambi.  You gotta check her out.  Some choice word for Bambi:
“He’s not going to be known as the first black president, he’s going to be known as the president who had a downgrade.”
Interviewer: “If he were to address the nation, what should he say?” Amilya: “I apologize. I apologize. Because I did not lead this country to success.”

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0 responses to “You tell 'em girl!

  1. I bet no one ever show up late to her job, she would make a grown man cry 😉

  2. “A Failed Presidency — The American Problem,” by John Mariotti, Forbes via Yahoo! News, 6 Aug 2011

    • Wow was that really from “Yahoo” man Obama really must have screwed up for Yahoo to hit him with this blistering article! If the next one comes from the Associated Press then I know the world is coming to an end!

  3. Clifton Lee West

    Everyone is mistaken, Obama was not elected to be President, he was elected to be a Community Organizer. He can’t help it if the community he is trying to organize resides in the Middle East. American voters misundestood what he was running for and lo and behold, put him in the Whitehouse. None of this is his fault, so don’t blame him. If our people think this is bad, Al Gore and/or John Kerry could have run again, but I don’t think they offer as much return for the nickel as Obama does, to George Soros and his ilk, that is. In any case, these dudes leave a bad taste in your mouth, don’t they?
    Clifton Lee West

  4. Am I The Only One?

    “The reason obama has never mentioned a plan is; because one was never added to his teleprompter read-outs!”

  5. According to her own website, this woman is, “now the ‘Small Business Voice’ on Fox Business and a regular contributor on shows such as “Varney & Co. Nightly Scoreboard, The Willis Report.” No full disclosure here! She gets paid by FOX for her appearances for goodness sake (hello, try goggling her). You wouldn’t know that from reading the lead-in though would you? Do your research! She and FOX represent her as an “average small business owner” yet both fail to mention she’s paid to deliver her FOX friendly opinions. That’s one source of her income, maybe most of it. According to her website she employs “one to four” employees” so she really is a small, tiny, tiny, business owner. One to four?
    Forget that, she’s making her money as a TV personality. On FOX, Pandering to the racists and bigots trying to blame everything wrong in this country on the black man.

    • Coward, in typical Alinsky form, you kill the messanger instead of the message. Soros is calling you back…better run!

  6. So she’s got only 1 to 4 employees…bet that’s more than the amount of dollars in your checking account. It’s also more than 1) the number of private sector jobs Bambi has held and 2) the number of employees Bambi has ever hired. TOOL…
    Bambi is a black man? Don’t care about the color of his skin. You obviously don’t know of his background. He’s a Muslim, to the bone. Doesn’t matter what colors his “parents” were.
    Soros giving you a break tonight? Go back to jerking around with your DailyKooks. You deserve each other idiot.

  7. Lord but I love her fire and attitude! This is what REAL entrepeneurs are about, and she’s everything that the Obamamama fraud is NOT! Run as VP w/Ron Paul, and not only will you get my vote but I’ll send a contribution as well.

  8. Sheik Yerbutie

    Amilya asks “why should I take the risk”.
    My response to the lady is “patriotism”. Business needs to step up to the plate and start the economic growth.Without business taking some risks, NOTHING will happen.Government cannot do what is required to restore confidence.
    The risk she speaks of is far less than the risks many of us take daily.
    Every great journey begins with one small step.
    The lady is screaming at clouds.
    Imagine a special forces group taking her attitude.
    Clifton West wrote:”the community he’s trying to organize resides in the Middle East”
    Happy birthday DCG.
    Clifton, please explain.I don’t know what you mean.

  9. Dont tell me a woman cant lead this country.She has more cahones than Obuma could dream of having.


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