You May Be A Liberal If…

  1. You wear Birkenstocks with a tuxedo.
  2. You have a “Save the Planet” bumper sticker on your Hummer.
    3. You are a female who doesn’t shave her armpits or a male who does.
    4. You actually know the difference between Arugula and Radiccio.
    5. You want to give California back to Mexico.
  3. You named your first child Diversity.
    7. Your educational goal is to stay in college until you reach retirement age.
    8. After making love, you ask your date to got Dutch on the condom.
    9, Your hair still reaches your shoulders but now it starts below your ears.
    10. You have a picture of Nancy Pelosi hanging on your headboard.
    11. You bought new leather boots for the animal rights march.
    12. You go to a planetarium to pick out names for your kids.
    13. You’ve ever tried to get your insurance company to pay for a witch doctor.
    14. You know more politically-correct words for “husband” and “wife” than you know couples who are stil married.
    15. You know the second verse to “Kumbaya”.
    16. You’ve ever been to a “clothing-optional” fashion show.
    17. Your last name has more hyphens than consonants.
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(There’s a second verse to Kumbaya?)
18. Your favorite historical sources are Michael Moore, Sean Penn and Oliver Stone.
19. They’re also your authorities on healthcare.


20. Your rear bumper sticker says “can’t we all get along… with your money?”
21. “I think I belive I’m a liberal… or, at least that’s the way I feel?”


Thank you Steve! But I must admit, I am guilty of allegation #4-I do know the difference between these two greens! One is spicy, and to me, the other is a little bitter! (LOL)


Eowyn, I think Birkenstocks suck! They are just plain ugly! When I start wearing pink and purple polka-dots with red and blue, please shoot me!