You don’t want to miss this Caption Contest!!!

This is the 32nd world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic (h/t our beloved Hardnox):

POS Barack Obama sitting in his golf cart prior to playing golf at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on April 26, 2009. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/POOL)

You know the drill:

  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a fancy Award Certificate and a year’s free subscription to FOTM! :D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

The winner and runner-up will be announced on Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

To get the contest going, here’s my caption in video form:


For the winner of our last Caption Contest, go here!


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0 responses to “You don’t want to miss this Caption Contest!!!

  1. This is my Sissie Boy look.

  2. I must have left my pants in Rahm’s room again…

  3. I take my pants down for anyone.

  4. MSNBC told me to ‘Lean Forward’. Just how far forward they want me to go?

  5. I can sing ,I can dance ,I can sink a country, I sure like to spend money , but today it’s me and my bud (JB) against that loser Tiger Woods after I kiss his ass sorry I lied , JB will do that .

  6. Go ahead ask… I won’t tell…

  7. Michelle wears the pants in my family…

  8. I got a birdie in the last hole… Wanna see?

  9. Can I borrow some lip balm? I don’t wanna chap…

  10. Wow, that Vagisil stuff sure works fast!


  11. “Hmm, maybe if I show myself off like Britney, Lindsey or Paris, I’ll get reelected. And I’ll get away with it unlike Weiner Dude, because I’m a god!

  12. Maybe long pants would have been better after shaving my legs.

  13. UN meetings…Golf?…UN meetings……Golf?…UN meet….ah screw it, I already got my shoes on.

  14. Darn. I got caught on camera again. I really must start putting my right hand on my knee. Folks are starting to get suspicious because Morsi and I have the same habit. Did I say habit?

  15. “Do you ever have one of those days where, you don’t feel so fresh?”

  16. “I may be a sissy, but my golf cart sure kicks ass!!”
    (I don’t think that’s his golf cart. LOL)

  17. gee that gerbil sure does tickle hee heee heee

  18. Halle Berry always looks beautiful no matter what she wears, even golf shorts.

  19. “Who wears short shorts? This communistsocialistmarxistleninistmaoist America/Christian Hating/Destroying SUMBITCH! That’s who!”

  20. Now my real job……..

  21. The Missus. He sure will~

  22. Netanya…. who? I was supposed to meet with who?

    (And I’d rather golf than shoot hoops, it’s so much more elitist.)

  23. …one lace, make a loop, take the other and make another bunny ear, fold one under and there you go! …and I didn’t even have to look… I’m such a big boy!