You Can't Outsmart Mom

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6 responses to “You Can't Outsmart Mom

  1. Has “Mom” missed the boat for a discussion with her cigarette rolling child?

  2. oops…

  3. Busted,

  4. roll your own/ rolling a cigarette with one hand and driving a car at the same time a marijauna cigarette the 1970’s no wonder carter got elected what is the excuse that the inept, irresponsible, narcissist obama was elected and may get reelected even though he has destroyed the economy created racial strife beyond what it was and meanwhile just bops around with his what me worry attitude obama must be held to just one term and it is about time congess did something to put america back on track and hold obama accountable for his shenanigans…

  5. Poor Igor. His tiny vestige of brain tissue has fallen out of his ear. Perhaps Dr. Frankestein can help with a spare from his main project. It may not cure the verbal diarrhea, but it may help restore some semblance of sentence structure and punctuation. Concepts of syntax, logic, truth and reality, alas, will almost certainly forever elude his grasp. Willful ignorance appears to be inbred, in this sad case.

    • That’s quite a find, Sage!
      Alexander Sarkand is a bully
      Hey, “Hip cat” Direhand:
      Judging by your embarrassingly sophomoric self-description: “Just passing through this reality, looking for one that pleases me, far out – where’s my guru? I dig to think, observe, participate if it pleases, baby! I’m shy but friendly….”, our Igor should take your totally gratuitous insult as a compliment.


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