You Can't Hide, Elena Kagan

Play this music video “Nowhere to run” as you read this post! (h/t beloved Fellowship member May):
Three days ago, I posted “What Elena Kagan Doesn’t Want You to See” on this blog. My post was prompted by Princeton University pulling Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Kagan’s undergraduate thesis, “To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City 1900-1933,” from the web — reportedly at her request.
A blogger named sorendayton then put the entire 134 pages of Kagan’s thesis on Scribd, to which I posted a link. Meantime, the White House announced yesterday that it would soon make available to the public Kagan’s Princeton thesis as well as her Oxford thesis.
This morning, however, Fellowship member May discovered that the link to Scribd no longer works. It appears that Scribd has pulled Kagan’s Princeton thesis. 
Ha! Do Kagan and the Obama White House think that’ll stop us? Hell, no!
Someone else just posted her thesis on the web. CLICK HERE. And since I had downloaded the thesis from the original Scribd website and saved it in my laptop’s hard drive, I’m posting Kagan’s thesis here as well: 31338484-Elana-Kagan-s-undergraduate-thesis
If you have a blog, please consider posting the thesis on your blog too. Let’s see The Powers That Be try getting all of us to take down the socialist lesbian’s thesis! LOL

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10 years ago

Way to go Eowyn,fight the good fight! Wer’e by God not going to join them but we will beat them!

10 years ago

Nowhere to run or hide! Way to go Eowyn! And, she has never, never been a judge! God help us!