You can lead a horse to water….er, never mind on that

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Farmer was denied permit to build horse shelter. They couldn’t stop him from
building a table and chairs!
H/T  Miss Sage_ Brush

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0 responses to “You can lead a horse to water….er, never mind on that

  1. There is always a solution. If you want it bad enough, you can work around the stupidity imposed on us. Great picture and ingenious.

  2. Bruce, I figured long ago some idiot was gonna throw a wall in front of ya. So you can keep banging your head on the wall, or figure away around it. Just like this. I love it. Bravo to the Farmer. 😀

  3. I worked in a community that put zoning and land use rule first, it had to be thier way and they continued to make new laws to keep things within thier frame of mind. After I retired and saw what they did, and made me think I was supposed to believe, I felt and still feel quilt,, We have no zoning in this place and everything works just fine, but the county is livid, they need it and wont give up the fight,, well screw them, we dont need them, and threaten recall every time they bring up the issue,, I hope others will throw out the fascists in thier communities that impose thier will on them…

  4. “Totally…LOVE IT!”

  5. 🙂

  6. That photo is priceless!

  7. I love the snow falling on your site!

  8. Arthur L. Brown Sr.

    And I LIKE that it follows the cursor!


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