You are NOT Special – Best Graduation Speech

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The speaker is David McCullough, Jr., a teacher at Wellesley High School and son of the wonderful biograher.  He sure has his father’s way with words!  LTG

H/T  Charlotte Iserbyt

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0 responses to “You are NOT Special – Best Graduation Speech

  1. lowtechgrannie

    The Obama Generation! LOL

  2. This was on my to-post list. Thanks, Grannie!
    10 thumbs up for Mr. McCullough.

  3. This speech was amazing! One of my all time pet peeves has been the whole “everyone gets a blue ribbon so nobody has to be a loser” crapola they spew in schools these last twenty – thirty years or so. You’re not special until you make yourself special….or not. I’m sending this YouTube link to everyone I know. Thank you LTG!

  4. Englishnteacher

    Every single child and parent in America should take this speech to heart. I have taught high school for 28 years now, and I can count on one hand the number of truly special kids in my room. Teens today have a vastly amped up self-esteem that is not based on reality. Until this changes, American education will never improve. Mediocrity is the new norm, and teens today have bought into it.


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