"You a stupid hoe"

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That’s the latest music video from artist Nicki Minaj.  She has over 8 million followers on Twitter and just released this video, which already has 3 million views (as of Saturday afternoon) on YouTube.
She tweeted the following: “Can’t premiere on a network b/c its important that my art is not tampered with, or compromised prior to you viewing it for the 1st time.”  Watch the video to witness her “art”.  WARNING: Explicit language.
Some of the tweets she’s received regarding her latest work of “art”:

  • “The #stupidhoe video is a masterpiece.”
  • “u went ALL motherf*ckin out…you’re so creative my mind is f*cked up.”
  • “I will never stop being impressed by the pure genius that you are.”

Um, alrighty then.  I’ve watched this video two times (about all I can take) and all I can make out is, “you a stupid hoe”.  Seriously, that is considered “art”?  I guess by some.  As for others, myself included, it may just be downright offensive to women. 

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0 responses to “"You a stupid hoe"

  1. Crap pure crap, idiot in motion

  2. Will be forgotten in a month… not even catchy.

  3. Thankfully.

  4. Well, we can always just say “You a stupid hoe!” right back at this Nicki Whatever.

  5. Dennis H. Bennett

    Reminds me of the tribal, and meaningful, movie Apocalypto. There I could appreciate survival with tremendous odds against you. Here my gut reaction is dyspepsia and the tremendous odds she face in her career survival. Although…………she may be taken in by the Diversity crowd. More Zantac please.
    PS: Where can I get that iridescent lip stuff?

  6. I just take in the small comfort that even my two nieces dislike this “creature” greatly.

  7. How did we come from Ella Fitzgerald to…this? 🙁

  8. Ha, I blame it on my “cabin fever”…lol. Painful to watch, I know.
    Now mobile and out of house. Sanity to come back soon 🙂

  9. I refuse to even watch it. I already know the Illuminati ho for what she is. My daughter hates her, and my oldest doesn’t care for her either, but not as violently as my daughter. At least I have smart teens. Lately they always take the best talent and turn them into tramps. Beyonce, Rihanna, you name it. Madonna was a self-made tramp (or maybe she was one of the premiere 80’s Illuminati shills). It’s easy to fall for all the hype, but it’s gotten to the point where it’s just trash to remain wrapped. It shouldn’t be opened. Ugly nastiness (I’m definitely probably the last person someone would call prude, but there are definite limits to what anyone should tolerate.)

  10. Where is PETA when you need them, surely putting live animals in an asinine music video comes under ther term degradation.

  11. The sight of her face is enough to set off alarm bells.
    Ding dong ding dong ding dong…………………………..


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