Yoko Ono had a fling with Hillary? Beware of fake news site World News Daily Report

World News Daily Report fake news
Yoko Ono had a lesbian “fling” with Hillary Clinton!
The Sex Pistols were financed by the Soviet Union’s KGB!
So scream the headlines.
The only problem is none of those purported news stories, re-blogged onto countless other sites, is true.
They are all spoofs written by a Bob Flanagan, no doubt a fake name, for the fake news site World News Daily Report.
Just go to WorldNewsDailyReport.com and look at the “Breaking News” crawling banner at the top:

  • FDA approves tranquilizing darts for children!
  • Paraguay: Woman claims to be daughter of Adolf Hitler!
  • Tornado carries mobile home 130 miles, family inside unharmed!

Still think the stories are authentic? Just go to Urban Legends, which has World News Daily Report in its list of fake news sites.
Don’t be a rube by falling for World News Daily Report‘s fakery, no matter how tempting the headline.
H/t FOTM’s josephbc69

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How do we know your report of false news is not intended to draw us away from the real news? How do we know Dr. Eowyn is not a clever KGB name like Joey Ramone? Just Kidding but Disinformation and Chaos are not jokes; at least with the Onion most people know it for what it is. Good PSA Dr. E!

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu
5 years ago

Thank heavens, we don’t have to believe everything we read! It just hurts my head! Thank you Dr Eowyn for keeping us up to speed.

5 years ago

The fact that we’re willing to believe these shows how low the OBJECT of our attention has sunk, in our estimation [esteem]!

5 years ago

The trick to writing fake news is to make it sound almost believable.
Just ask the interns at CNN. 😉

5 years ago

Thanks Dr. Eowyn and Joseph, and my apologies for a previous comment with a link to such. My guess is this is an “anti-conspiracy” troll type site, and if it’s reason for being isn’t just because someone is a jerk, it may also be intended to defame “conspiracy nuts” by association, an old psychological operation-type trick. After all we can note how the “hillary is potentially a lesbian/bisexual” thing which is legitimate, has been tied to the false yoko ono story, thereby dragging the former legitimate info into the disinfo posited by the fake story. Whatever coward registered the domain… Read more »

Lance Jackson
Lance Jackson
5 years ago

My not so dear departed old mom used to scarf up all the weekly supermarket checkout rags claiming most of the stories are real. PT Barnum had mom in mind when he said “there’s a sucker born every minute” The old standard. every election year the same space alien is shown shaking hands with all the candidates. Another classic i saw was gay couple give birth to healthy baby boy though pregnant partner’s poopy chute Or 3 headed baby born in Russia states exaxt end of world date in different languages then dies I always find the tabloids worth a… Read more »

Steven Broiles
5 years ago

NONE of the news is true! Soylent Green is people!!!