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One cobra is bad enough.
How about a three-headed cobra? LOL


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0 responses to “Yikes!

  1. Oh my gosh !! Haven’t seen anything quite like this since Obama, Pelosi and Reid were all photographed together ! Very scary !

  2. Well that’s not a rattle snake it’s a cobra. Could be a photoshop not sure yet. It’s in India/packinstan…

    • Yes, it is a cobra. LOL
      Thanks for correcting me. I considered the pic might have been photoshopped, but I don’t think so because of the crowd gathered at the roadside. Cobras are commonplace in India, and it wouldn’t have drawn a crowd unless the cobra was out of the ordinary.

      • Wasn’t trying to nit pick… Just come from a place where I’ve been around a few rattlers… Also been places where there are Cobras… Use to have a belt made out of a cobra that the head was the belt buckle… I’m talking to a lady that knows a lot about herp and she says it’s entirely possible it’s real. Learn something new every day…

  3. Please do NOT mention snakes. These warm sunny days bring them out in our yard, and I am terrified! Almost time to pull out my double=barrel and go buy mothballs.

  4. The thing must have a hard time hunting and figuring out which way to go.

  5. Things like this will seem of the norm soon. What with all the genetic splicing they do, we will have mutant everything.

  6. New Obama emblem.

  7. That’s what sucks about living in a place like that, no shotgun to take care of the issue…


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