Yet another case of PC run amok.

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7-Year-Old Accused Of Possible Sexual Harassment For Kicking Boy In Groin
BOSTON (CBS) – A 7-year-old boy is being investigated by his South Boston elementary school for possible sexual harassment after kicking another boy in the crotch.
The first grader’s mother, Tasha Lynch, says she was shocked by the school’s decision.
“He’s 7 years old. He doesn’t know anything about sexual harassment,” she said.
Lynch’s son, Mark Curran, said the boy that he kicked had been bullying him on the school bus ride home from Tynan Elementary last week.
“He just all of a sudden came up to him, choked him. He wanted to take his gloves, and my son said, ‘I couldn’t breathe, so I kicked him in the testicles,’” said his mother.
For the rest of this Dopey story Pls go HERE!!!

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4 responses to “Yet another case of PC run amok.

  1. My friend’s kid was told he did something that could be construed as sexual harassment at the ripe old age of 10. It was nothing more than repeating something some other kid said. Child is now in private school.
    Govt education is going to destroy our future generations…

  2. Typical left/liberal sense… kicking someone in the package in self-defense is worse than choking someone to steal their gloves.

  3. Dennis H. Bennett

    All involved should familiarize themselves, especially those bothered by bullies, of this COMMON DEFENSE technique. It may be the only counter/offset to a permanent or fatal injury. Martial Art(s) teachers know this, and also teach a defense against it.

  4. Dennis H. Bennett

    I’ll email it to you….it is nothing for a troll to know….


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