Yet Another Caption Contest! – and the Winner is….

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UPDATE (12.24.20110):

Seven FotM writers cast their votes for their #1 and #2 choices, and the winner by unanimous consensus is Terry, who received seven #1 votes! Here’s his caption:

“Weally, all I did was look him wight in the eyes and ask him ‘Fannie May I ?’ and he bwoke my arm” !

Our runner-up is m, with four #2 votes:

“Look at the ass on that page!”

Trailpost and Igor are both in 3rd place, each receiving one #2 vote.


On Dec. 14, 2011, Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who had announced earlier that he would not seek re-election in 2012, appeared on the House floor with his left arm in a sling. He said it has something to do with a “torn ligament” in his left arm or shoulder.
This pic is perfect fodder for another FOTM’s Caption Contest. But, please, keep it clean, as FOTM is a Christian blog. 🙂

The winner of this contest will get a year’s free subscription to Fellowship of the Minds. LOL
Writers of FOTM will vote on the winner, to be announced next Friday. As usual, captions written by FOTM writers will not be considered.
To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

“Feigning he had injured his arm, Barney was a no show, despite being an honoree, at Judicial Watch’s annual Ten Most Corrupt Politicians award ceremony.”

For the winner(s) of our last Caption Contest, go here. 😀

UPDATE (12.20.2011):

Found another photo of Barney in a sling, showing – Yikes! – man boobs.


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30 responses to “Yet Another Caption Contest! – and the Winner is….

  1. No I can’t do it…I JUST CAN’T! Its too easy I would be banned for life, my name will be a plague on all conservative blogs! Oh merciful heavens why Eowyn why would you tempt me so!
    My thoughts…they are unclean….

  2. Look at the ass on that page!

  3. Sleazy left handed Pocket-pooler wore out his Left-wing.

  4. Leftest Leftie.

  5. Something about Freddy’s Fanny?

  6. hhmmm….this should be a good thread!

  7. Brilliant!
    Barney Frank is a jackass

  8. Dennis H. Bennett

    “It comes naturally for me to poke my nose in other people’s “business”!!

  9. “The last thing I remember is that I was feeding an elephant at the zoo, it grabbed me by the arm and tossed me into the hippo pond and the hippotamus was trying to mate with me. I blacked out after that.”

  10. Wum, do you think I attached the “over the shoulder holder”to the wrong bwody part?

  11. I twipped over my roommate’s herbal plants in my back yard ! And I swear it was only a legally gwone herbal plant !

  12. Dennis H. Bennett

    “My Left jab isn’t what it used to be!”

  13. Heh, I can think of about five.
    LOL – Problem is, I can’t post any of them.

  14. Left out. Left behind. Whatever.

  15. thhhhuffering succotash……. Let me tell ya about the other night….

  16. Leftover.

  17. The biggest and most corrupt boobs in American history!

  18. while trying to prove he was ambidextrous to a new boyfriend who had earlier used the word amphibious instead. barney’s passions exceeded his desires and a trip to the ER resulted.

  19. I was twying to hook my bwa and I diswocated my shoulder…ouch!

  20. I was in a rush to put my pants back on and I felt a “pop”…….in my shoulder.
    I feel dirty

  21. Ah, the poster boy for old gay men, OGM…need I say more…

  22. For the second picture: Where is the wet tee-shirt contest tonight?


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