Yet Another Anti-Obama Billboard!

Those billboards are spreading like wildfire. The latest is this one in Texas, spotted by Bluegrass Pundit.

New Obama billboard in Texas, April 2010

Note to the commie Anti-Defamation League:
You’ll have to send a really “major law enforcement operation” to cart away this “anti-government extremist” billboard!
A big h/t to beloved FellowshipOfMinds member FS!

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10 years ago

The real problem here is Obama isn’t embarrassed yet and that’s a tragedy. It means he’s either too stupid to be embarrassed or he thinks destroying our country is his duty. I have a few Muslim friends and they tell me Obama doesn’t speak for them–he’s too radical. I still wonder who’s working his strings. I’d like to put him on the stage with Punch and Judy.

10 years ago

Ron,I would have to go with destroying our country is his duty!

10 years ago

Tina, If you think about it logically. He’s taken over two automobile manufacturers and turned the controlling interest of stock over to the unions. He has refused to do anything about the borders which means we are open to invasion and attack. He has brought into existence one of the greatest job destroying bills in the history of the nation, the Healthcare bill. He has committed over a trillion dollars of American money for bailouts that have done absolutely nothing but put us further into debt. He has a job bill that put us further into debt by nearly a… Read more »