Yes, Virginia, There are Racists in America, and They Don’t Like White People

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White privilege conference
Yes, Virginia, There Are Racists in America, and They Don’t Like White People

Did you attend the fifteenth annual, tax-payer funded National White Privilege Conference? Hundreds of people did, almost all of them teachers and education officials at public schools and universities.

Here’s some of that they learned:

All members of the Tea Party are racists.

The longer a person remains with the Tea Party the more racist they become.

Tea Party groups are similar to white nationalist groups.

People who send their kids to private schools are racists.

People who disagree with (so-called) President Obama are racists.

Leonard Zeskin

Leonard Zeskind

All of the above statements came from author and activist Leonard Zeskind, a keynote speaker at the event which took place March 26-29 in Madison, Wisconsin.

“There has been a longitudinal study that finds the longer you are in the tea party, the more racist you become,” Zeskind said, according to the MacIver Institute, which covered the conference.

The Daily Caller reported on a different session, in which a former high school teacher claimed that teaching was a fundamentally political act and all teachers who were unwilling to use their post to rail against white oppression should “get the fuck out” of education.(RELATED: White Privilege Conference: Being white is like being an alcoholic)

Attendees paid hundreds of dollars each to attend this conference, and while I have no doubt that speakers, such as Leonard Zeskind, know that they’re peddling a load of BS, many of the attendees actually believe this nonsense. And they’re the ones who are teaching America’s kids. How does that grab you?

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like race relations in this country have deteriorated ever since aka Obama took office. And it further seems as if that deterioration has occurred purposely, in order to separate Americans and drive them apart.

Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me? Perhaps this has been going on all along and my eyes have just recently been opened. Common sense and courteousness have gone out the window over the last five plus years.

We didn’t have the knockout game five years ago.

We didn’t have politicians getting caught red-handed in Pennsylvania for engaging in criminal activity, yet not prosecuted because of their skin color.

What is happening to our once great country?

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0 responses to “Yes, Virginia, There are Racists in America, and They Don’t Like White People

  1. The media has been more or less silent on what happened to Steven Utash in Detroit. If he had been black and mugged by a mob of whites, there would have been demonstrations, prayer vigils and protest marches led by Jackson and Sharpton. As it is, some of his attackers have been arrested, but I doubt if they will be charged with a hate crime.

  2. Seems to me that typically,the person who plays the Race card IS the most Racist of all. They see anything that goes against their agenda as a Racist act. Ironic,isn’t it? Fact is,few of us are Racist,unless we take a play from the Liberals’ Playbook and re-direct the term to mean what we WANT it to mean (They usually tend to change the NAME of things to make an unspeakable behavior sound much nicer,more acceptable.) ;that would make “Racist” the new word for anyone who is vehemently anti-STUPIDITY. If THAT is indeed the case,then okay,yeah,I’d be a Racist.

  3. Obama quickly got involved in the Trayvon Martin case, but neither Obama nor Holder has called for an investigation into the Utash beating. Of course, Holder is too busy playing the race card, accusing Congress of giving him a hard time just because he is black. Some of the leading democrats in the senate are even coming to his defense- incredible!

    • evh, did you see Holder up at Sharptons Action network crying the blues about him and obamma being picked on cause their black? LOL
      It was hysterical. Waaaaaa

  4. People affiliated with the White Privilege Conference are racist!
    People are institutionally racist if they, for instance, label themselves:

    (by their job/occupation title)

    And this is only a very short list of labels!

    Labelling is one of the global elite’s most potent psychological warfare weapons. Think divide and rule! It’s all to do with neo-Darwinism and the dominance paradigm.

    • Be aware how you answer certain questions about yourselves. Like where are you from? Or what do you do?

      My home is in Berkshire, England.
      I grow vegetables and trade them. labels!

      I am not from England or any other country (labelling). I am a human Being inhabiting planet Earth. (I just happen to presently live in the UK area of Earth).

      I am not an agricultural “farmer” (labelling). I grow vegetables. (I just happen to presently grow food and trade it).

      I am not of religion OR atheist. I am affiliated with no known ideology or political cause. Am I a label?

      • Isn’t it kind of a pain in the a$$ trying not to cross other people’s lines in the sand? This labeling stuff sounds a lot like the “Politically Correctness” hooey I’ve decided to stop participating in. All it amounts to is apologizing for being who you are,and NOBODY should have to apologize for who or what they are,regardless of their gender,race,marital or financial status or anything else. You be you and I’ll be me. I promise not to be offended by you if you promise not to intentionally offend me.

        • truckjunkie, I’m with ya. I have a real good post percolating in me that will set the joint on fire. look for it today or tomorrow.
          Ooo it will be a doozy..LOL

    • The problem isn’t “labeling” the problem is misapplication thereof, remove all labels and what have you got? A new age devotee that thinks “gender stereotyping” their child by calling them male or female/him or her is “wrong”. The calling of “labeling” as if it were meant to be some manner of problem or illness is actually a psy-op tactic designed to remove proper designation from everything, when in fact proper labeling *is* a requirement of a functional society, would you take the poison sticker off a bottle of cleaner under the sink, because it’s a “label”?

      The abuse of “labels” is the other side of the coin problem from the one just described, using a “label” out of context, or say, putting a poison label on everything that is food, just because one slice of bread had some mold on it. Really the truth is that “labels” are needed, and must be used apropriately, the rejection of all labels is communism, the acceptance of all labels is totalitarianism, and both are abhorent to rational thought. Of course as far as racism goes, none of it makes any sense, and many are busily getting on the “hate white” bandwagon, not suspecting for a second that they are just as bad as freemasonic klansmen, or black panther cultists… anyone trying to infer a set of behaviors on a person based solely on the amount of pigment their skin lacks, is not only as guilty as they ascribe the targeted people are, but are worse for the fact they become what they claim to be against, all because they refuse to utilize that meaty thing located in the skull, for that horror of horrors, Rational Thought. -cue old horror/thriller organ chord-

      Pardon my churlishness, I slip sometimes.

      • All my “label” stuff is merely training my unconscious mind for the greater good of learning non confrontational spoken and written language. That I have been understood as a weasel worded politically correct Moran is my failure with the way I wrote about it.

        I have read all your response replies and empathise with all your own written understandings about my label mindset.

        Suffice to say I know everything must be identified in plain language and I still call a spade a spade.
        So, for instance, if you’re gay, I reserve the right to publicly call you a fag if I so choose. And I will. You have the right to publicly call me likewise. But I’d like to think we’re all civil folks on this forum and don’t care to engage in such confrontational language.

        Modern written English is extraordinary complex. Understanding the true meanings of the message in the words is plain information to one person or reasoned disinformation to another person.
        This is why a simple civil commandment such as “do not kill” necessitates a written legislative act of law that is book volume in size. Judges and lawyers must cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s.

        In other words I am trying to articulate here (on this particular response reply) that what I write is not necessarily true for you. Meanings of written context are interpreted according to the writers skill and the readers’ individual beliefs.

    • That’s why when asked to identify my “race” on forms & surveys, I always check “other” and write in “human.”

      • Eowyn, you have me doing that now too. No one has ever said anything. I bet they don’t even read all that junk they make you fill out.
        Maybe next time I’ll put down Chimpanzee. LOL

  5. The worse racism of all is reverse racism. Thinking back, I don’t know how President Bush withstood all the crap tossed at him. How he left office a sane man is amazing. Was he perfect, no, but he did love this country and the troops. I never once heard him blame any race on anything.
    The last five years has divided this country beyond our imagination. When there is no logical argument, they pull the race card, frankly, I am sick of it and it carries no weight with me. It is like the sky is falling story.
    Why can’t we all just be Americans? Period.

  6. Excellent post, Mike!

    As Scott Whitlock of Newsbusters points out, Leonard Zeskind’s Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights (IREHR) is misnamed because it’s not about HUMAN rights. It’s about the rights of leftwing causes. Nor is it non-partisan. Instead, the institute is a flaming leftwing organization. According to the group’s website, its focus is on promoting abortion rights, gay rights and fighting alleged “bigotry and racism” from religious Americans (which we all know means Christians).

    I want to know who’s funding this far-left, hate- and bigotry-promoting institute.

    • Dr Eowyn asked: “…who’s funding this far-left, hate- and bigotry-promoting institute”.

      Simple, the tax payers fund it. But we all know how governments waste our hard earned tax monies.

      • IREHR’s website says “The Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization, and receives no government funding. Our efforts are funded through grants from institutions and foundations” and donations from individuals.

        I searched & searched for the funding sources of IREHR but couldn’t find the info. on the Institute’s website or on the web. Being an IRS 501(c)(3) organization, IREHR should have tax reports that identify its donors.

    • Thank you, Dr. Eowyn!

  7. “People who send their kids to private schools are racists.”

    “People who disagree with (so-called) President Obama are racists.”

    Don’t these two statements by Leonard Zeskind contradict one another?? (Oblamo’s daughters are in a private school as well as many other politicians and leftists)

  8. Great Post Mike, spot on. I have a companion to this soon. 🙂

  9. Great comments from everyone. The issue at hand goes beyond racism to a spiritual battle, literally between good (God) and evil.

  10. Liberals and prostitutes will do anything for money!

  11. Institute for Research and Education on INHUMAN Rights.

  12. Soon it will be a crime to be white and we’ll be arrested just for that. Anyone llike that future? I ahve heard of some absurd idea over the years’; but the crazies are ramping up their insanity. Everyday is a new outrage from the left.

  13. I was nearly killed twice because of this race baiting and deteriorating race relations. Yes, literally. By my melanin-laden neighbors, who seemed to believe (as a quote from the Civil War) “bottom rail on top now, massa, bottom rail on top.” I have 4 out of 7 grandchildren who are black (so there goes my racism! My son’s ex-wife is still pleased to see me!) and I want to learn about their culture too, so getting to know my neighbors and passing the time of day on the front stoop would teach me a lot as I listened. But instead they made our lives a hell that many of you simply cannot imagine.

    The day I was the most in danger of dying, it was an ex-con who distracted them all long enough for me to bolt for my apartment and its relative safety. He apparently saw what my way-too-innocent eyes did not, until too late. They left last August, I still cannot bring myself to go outside my front door w/o my husband along w/ me. Not even during the day for the mail, a breath of air, or to tend to my poor neglected daylilies on our landing. There was so much else that went on, but this is a “novel” large enough!

    I have been called a racist so many times (personally and politically) that I agree w/ the speaker readily and say “Yup! You bet!” I SERIOUSLY wished I knew some good old boy KKK’ers that I could call them in to give my neighbors a talking to! Would have made the power level even between us.

  14. Here’s an interesting article from Henry Makow’s site on the White Privilege Conference:



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