Yes, It's a Stretch

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But it may be the only hope remaining of ridding our ailing nation of the cancer that is Barack Hussein Obama before the patient expires, as I have no real confidence the sheeple electorate is going to do the right thing come November:

I am planning to attend, if it is in any way possible.
(h/t: tina and Steve)

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0 responses to “Yes, It's a Stretch

  1. For those who don’t live in or near Atlanta and can’t attend the hearing, Article II SuperPAC website will have live video coverage:

  2. Thanks for posting, wish I could go…

  3. I hope your there Dave!! Come on Georgia!!

  4. Yeah, a bit of a stretch… but hey… never say never…WE CAN DO THIS!

  5. Run this son of a whore IMPOSTER all the way to Leavenworth, and Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, John Lewis, Hank Johnson and the rest of Bama’s REGIME, let them make little rocks out of big rocks! Semper Fi.


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