Yes It Does Matter Where You Put The Price Tag.

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~Steve~                                     H/T   Miss May

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0 responses to “Yes It Does Matter Where You Put The Price Tag.

  1. The pricetags are too strategically placed for it to be “accidental”.

  2. HOT DOG ,,,,,,,,,,That’s funny . I’m doing the L.M.A.O.routine right now .
    Hey Doc , there are NO accidents or coincidences anymore . Subliminal programming at it’s finest .

  3. My favorite was the cinnamon donuts 2nd from the bottom! And the Bengay reminds me of two distant relatives of mine who are brothers. The younger one liked to aggravate his older brother and call Bengay “Ben___” and end in the brother’s name.

  4. These are funny!


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