Yawn: Cornell University to open exhibit celebrating clothing of “empowered” women

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AOC’s nasty shoes…

What do you want to bet there will be no clothing worn by conservative women?

And I wonder if they’ll house AOC’s $3,500 designer outfit?

From Hollywood Reporter: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shoes were made for walking over all her New York City congressional district.

Now, the campaign footwear worn by the youngest woman ever elected to Congress will be part of an exhibit chronicling how women use fashion for empowerment in endeavors such as politics and civil rights.

The Cornell Costume and Textile Collection at Cornell University is launching an exhibition titled Women Empowered: Fashions from the Frontline.

Among the exhibit’s other highlights are collars from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a 1954 Cornell graduate; a labor union cap from a campaign led by Coretta Scott King in 1969; and a skirt suit worn by Janet Reno, a 1960 Cornell grad and the first woman to serve as U.S. Attorney General.

The exhibit opens Dec. 6 and runs through March 31.


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8 responses to “Yawn: Cornell University to open exhibit celebrating clothing of “empowered” women

  1. And, of course, First Lady Melania isn’t part of the exhibit.

  2. I have other plans.

  3. Oh boy…every time I see Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I wonder what the heck that is around her neck. Her collars all look like a cheap doily from the Dollar Store.😁

    Will Janet Reno’s skirt suit be the one she was wearing when she and the Clintons decided to burn almost 100 men, women, and children to death in Waco?

    • OMG, LO….was going to say the EXACT same thing!

      In addition, I would like to add to this exhibit the ONE pair of jeans I wore the whole way through college, then cut up and modified to accomodate my post-college pregnancy…and then, re-modified to wear once again for a year or so more as I began my teaching career /substitute teaching and grad school ed……I THINK my LACK of fashion sense or CARE about such—EMPOWERED me economically to end up where I am now…an economically POWERFUL WOMAN who helped put her husband through his PhD…her own M. ed + 90, a kid through Tufts University, and another financed through an expensive sports career and into an elite coaching career. And I’m still HERE, still working. I think those dissicated blue-jeans say far more than anything Hillary’s thousand(s)-dollar pant-suits could EVER say….and maybe even MORE than Ocasio-Cortez’s shoes….b/c I never had any “affirmative action” or minority funding behind me. I was a “poor” female white kid (never thought myself so….but….looking back…the truth…). No one ever cared whether I succeeded or not…including large parts of my own family, b/c I was “just the girl.” We all have our crosses to bear….I am NOT impressed by Ocasio-Cortez’s shoes that she wore for a sesason of hard work when I wore the same pants for 5 years and even most recently, the same athletic shoes for the same number of years or more……Pretty sure this exhibit will be like most Democratic-leftists celebrations: so far out of touch with us “common folk” as to be laughable….or at least…forgettable.

  4. I wonder if they would like a pair of the steel toed boots that I wore out, walking around in molten steel, for 35 plus years? Because the bottoms wear out quickly, while the tops are seldom as worn, due to stepping on the steel.
    Perhaps they could get a pair of shoes from the father of our country, George Washington, who lead the fight against the over lords of Great Britain.
    How about the shoes of Hudson Taylor, the missionary to China, who brought the word of Christ’s love to millions.
    There are of course, dozens of others. Henry Ford, Dwight Eisenhower, Alvin York, there are many men who had an impact on the nation, whose shoes could certainly tell a tale.
    Sadly, if they were to put a pair of men’s shoes in the exhibit, it would probably be those of Bruce Jenner. The left would be a track shoe, and the right would be a high healed evening pump.


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