False Empowerment: Arm children with cans and books to fight active shooter

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AOL: You’ve likely heard of students bringing canned food to school for food drives, but have you ever heard of bringing a canned food item to school for safety?
A letter sent to parents of students at one school in Chambers County requested just that – students were asked to arm themselves with an eight ounce canned food item. Though it sounds odd, administrators believe the practice could catch potential intruders off guard, possibly even knocking him or her out until police arrive.
In the letter to parents, W.F. Burns Middle School Principal Priscilla Holley said, “As a result of school shootings throughout the United States and discussing with law enforcement on the best procedure to follow to keep our students safe, we are enhancing our procedure for intruders.”
The idea to arm students with something like a can or a book comes from ALICE training. The ALICE acronym stands for: Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.
“I can honestly say that the major point of the training… is to be able to get kids evacuated and not be sitting ducks hiding under desks,” Superintendent of Chambers County Schools Dr. Kelli Hodge said.
alice training
Hodge said school systems in 30 states teach the principles of ALICE to students. Auburn University also uses ALICE on its campus. The ALICE program falls in line with new guidelines for school safety issued by the Department of Education in 2013.
“Understandably, this is a sensitive topic. There is no single answer for what to do, but a survival mindset can increase the odds of surviving,” the Department of Education said. “There are three basic options: run, hide, or fight. You can run away from the shooter, seek a secure place where you can hide and/or deny the shooter access, or incapacitate the shooter to survive and protect others from harm.”
Feedback on the Chambers County Schools program has been somewhat mixed since the letter went home to parents. Hodge said the majority of negative responses have come via Facebook, and often times by people who don’t have children in Chambers County Schools. When WHNT News 19 contacted Hodge, she said her office had received two phone calls and one email about the ALICE program.
In the letter, Principal Holley said students who are armed with a canned food item will have a sense of empowerment to protect themselves in the event an intruder enters their classroom.
W.F. Burns Middle School is working with Auburn University’s Public Safety and Security Department for ALICE training.
yes we can

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0 responses to “False Empowerment: Arm children with cans and books to fight active shooter

  1. This is a form of mental illness, to counsel kids to defend themselves with cans and books from a FIREARMED assailant.

  2. What if an intruder is hit with unhealthy soup or canned food? It maybe too salty, too much sugar, high fructose corn syrup(gasp), food colorings, preservatives, not enough fiber, not whole wheat pasta(good thing IMHO), not gluten free, not vegan, vegetarian. Does this mean it is a chemical or biological weapon? The poor school district will be sued by not only the intruder but by the food nazis of the Obamanazi regime. What if this is a larger size like the ‘family’ size of canned food. Is this like a WMD size or maybe an assault weapon. OMG, what about food allergies for the poor intruder? Allergic to metal, gasp……
    Maybe they will start teaching the girls to pee on themselves at a very early age as well to prevent rape and assault to boot?
    More proof that our education system is really fouled up. I think armed guards, armed teachers, staff would be a much better option. Every intruder I know is deathly allergic to lead.

    • Can’t throw that– it’s high in cholersterol, you know!

    • Patriot–I think you’ve hit every angle of our modern absurdity. My district was once sued by parents b/c their kid got a sunburn (mild and localized) while on a SEA-CAMP sleep-over channel island study. Never mind that we’d provided wind-breakers and continuous sun-block lotion. The kid removed his wind-breaker & rolled around in a stream that emptied into the ocean. We called him on it…but he refused to follow directions. And…heck if ANY of us (female) teachers were going to forceably rub sunblock onto his bare body parts with our bare hands….and risk being prosecuted as perverts????? That parent “had us” any which way, and KNEW IT…and went for the deep pockets of the public purse….

  3. Well good, maybe Obama, and any other government workers that have a security detail can now stop by a grocery store and send their secret service home. How could one ever feel safer than when you have a couple of 14.5 oz cans of veggies in your hands. Watch out ISIS, we’re armed with peas and other dangerous vegetables. The Liberals sure are an endless supply of stupid aren’t they?

    • Kids are only allowed one 8 ounce can. You can’t feel safe with that, unless someone is lying to you about self defense in an active shooter situation.

  4. The depths of stupidity never fail to amaze me, why not just hand out tee shirts to the kids with big target/bulls eyes on them as self defense against an armed assailant

  5. Regarding that closing pic: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  6. Personally I think arming students and teachers with canned goods might contribute to obesity and conflict with Moochie’s dietary guidelines.

  7. At first, I thought this must be a joke. I cannot imagine the fear this inspires in kids, that they must defend themselves from an intruder. This bull@#$E has got to stop.

  8. Of all the stupidest things I have ever heard, this has to be at the top of the list! Tell me . . . what happens when the unruly kids start throwing their cans at each other? I could see where some innocent bystander could get hit in the face and be forever maimed, or scared! Arm the friggin’ teachers, administration personnel, and have guards, or off duty military personnel who want to donate their time to be on station at schools. It should not take a genius to solve this problem. The problem is that school administrators are influenced by the left. For those schools who have metal detectors in order to deter guns from being brought to school–can’t you just see the time in line before getting to enter school, so they can frisk all the kids who are carrying “8 ounce cans.” DCG, you have hit it out of the park with this article!

    • “I could see where some innocent bystander could get hit in the face and be forever maimed, or scared!”
      Hello, lawsuits!
      Excellent point, Lulu!

    • Auntie Lulu—are you a teacher? You spoke gospel: “What happens when unruly kids start throwing cans at each other?” HA HA! This is the FIRST thing that would happen! All subsequent actions are outlined by the other posters!

  9. I can’t help thinking ….. if the editors of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ had only thought to have a well stocked pantry…… all those cartoonists might be alive today.
    ….. a well placed can of PORK and beans…… might’ve scared the shit out of those muslim extremists!

    • …or KNOCKED the shit out of ’em. I think the idea of ARMING Teachers,Principal and VP,even Janitors,is the way to go. But the FIRST thing to do is ELIMINATE GUN FREE ZONES. It’s been proven repeatedly that Gun Free Zones are nothing more than Target Rich Zones. VERY few Criminals will commit crimes if they KNOW their victims (or in this case those responsible for the kids’ safety.) are armed too. For that matter,once kids are 15 years old,they should be allowed to take a gun safety course,and if that’s passed with a B or better score,THEY should be allowed to carry in school too. Kids whose families are gun enthusiasts learn all the safety procedures as soon as they’re big enough to pick up a gun,and most start learning to shoot by the age of 7. By the age of 12 or 13,some are as good with a gun as their parents.
      This stuff wasn’t a big deal until the Liberal Weenie Patrol started trying to “make everyone safer” by removing our primary protection FROM danger. I honestly believe they’re being intentionally STUPID with their thinking that Gun Control can stop a CRIMINAL from SHOOTING people. (I ALSO think their push for Gun Control has less to do with safety for all and more to do with their fear of loud noises.

  10. I wuz just thinkin’….. those canned goods can do a lot of damage. Remember that old episode of ‘All in the Family’ where Edith Bunker dented the fender of a car (driven by a Catholic priest, as I recall) with a runaway can of ‘cling peaches …… in heavy syrup’. Her cart rolled away in the parking lot and the can (of ‘cling peaches…. in heavy syrup’) just flew out and landed on the fender, denting it.
    It must have been the ‘heavy syrup’ that did the damage……
    When I was a kid, every Spring our school would have what they called ‘Field Day’, with various athletic (and some not so athletic) contests, races, etc. Well, nowadays, they might replace the ‘softball throw’ with the ‘canned good’ throw….. at a man sized target.
    A ‘peach’ of an idea ………. in heavy syrup!
    … or perhaps I’m just a dingbat!

  11. Maybe, this is the government’s version of common core math….cans weigh more than bullets, therefore, heavy cans thrown will inflict more injury than light bullets. 🙂


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