Would you stand in the cold in just your underwear for free clothes?

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A hundred people in San Francisco did just that.

free clothes
Kurtis Alexander reports for SFGate, Nov. 25, 2014, that a pre-Black Friday promotion by Barcelona-based fashion retailer Desigual inspired nearly 100 people to line up in their underwear early Tuesday outside the San Francisco store.
According to the company’s website, the first 100 shoppers who “take it all off” were promised a free top and bottom.
Several people lined up for the store’s 9 a.m. opening well before dawn. Cars honked as they drove by. Police officers smiled.
Standing on the sidewalk in her undergarments, smoking a cigarette, as the temperature hovered around 50 degrees, Bek Summons, 30, who was visiting San Francisco from Australia, said, “I heard about the deal on the street the other day. I figured it was a pretty cool thing to do.”
Joanna Lee, 25, shivering in her lingerie, said, “They don’t allow jackets, but they allow accessories. So I brought a hot-water bottle.”
H/t Consumerist and FOTM’s CSM
I don’t believe the people who participated in this stunt are so poor they couldn’t afford to buy their own clothes. Besides, you can find decent but really cheap clothes in thrift stores like Savers and Goodwill.
Some may say the underwear people did it for fun. But how is it “fun” to stand in line, half-naked, in 50° chill?
These are probably the same exhibitionists who’ll gladly strip naked in some left-wing protest or demonstration.
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0 responses to “Would you stand in the cold in just your underwear for free clothes?

  1. This is stupid. I especially wouldn’t do this where I live, you’d be hypothermic in no time!! Ever notice that the people that SHOULD leave their clothes on are usually the first to take it all off. 😳

  2. Craziness! Lol

  3. pathetic….

  4. modesty, some level of self-respect….out the window

  5. Not that I really care, but why is this even legal?! The temperature doesn’t bother me as I’m hot natured, but I thought if you were in public naked or even just in your underwear you would get arrested. But I have always thought it was hypocritical that the law allows pictures of people in their underwear to be shown in public just not live people in underwear. Also swimsuits that cover no more than underwear are allowed.

  6. Funny that the big argument over “how dressed” people must be in public is generally “for protection of the kids”. I figure if your kids are raised with good values,people in their underwear won’t be any big deal to ’em.
    It’d be interesting to see how many of these people would participate if it was cold out there.

  7. Where was Queen Nancy Polozzi and her entourage? They aren’t much into wearing clothes in public either.

  8. It doesn’t surprise me. They’re probably Obama voters. These same people are likely the same types who camp in rain sleet and snow for 3 days along the street by the Apple store, so they can be the first to have bragging rights in face book or titter that they got the first iGadget. That along smells like idol worship

  9. Looks like a typical day in San Francisco to me…..

  10. Crazy people…

  11. As Mark Twain once said, “The coldest winter I ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco.”
    50 Degrees in S.F. is brutal. I hope it was worth it to those 100 peeps.


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