Would you register your home surveillance cameras with the local police department?

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Renton, a city south of Seattle, has asked citizens and businesses to register their surveillance cameras with the police department so they can get access to thousands of private cameras installed throughout the city.

From the MyNorthwest.com story: “It’s called the Camera Registration Program. Since it launched Thursday, more than 40 homeowners and business owners have already signed up.”

I understand citizens wanting to do this – catch the bad guys. Yet I would be hesitant to participate in this program.

The police promise your privacy will not be comprised. More from the MyNorthwest.com story:

“Sgt. Christy Mathews told KIRO 7 the partnership was the idea of the department’s Community Programs Division. According to Mathews, surveillance images are typically obtained by officers and detectives knocking on doors, asking business owners and homeowners if a surveillance camera might have captured a particular incident.

Now, the locations of homes and businesses that register with the Camera Registration Program appear as blue dots on a satellite map of Renton. Mathews said other police agencies have databases of available cameras on printed pages, but not on a computer-generated map. She believes Renton PD’s is the first.

The Camera Registration Program is volunteer-only and does not allow police officers to see images in real time.

It simply lets investigators know a camera is in the area and that its owner is willing to cooperate with police officers. Those officers can then “log in from their cars and see there are three houses in this area, and the suspect fled this way, so maybe these three cameras will show something,” Mathews explained.”

What if for some reason you don’t want to turn over your camera data (i.e., you’re doing something embarrassing or your child may be implicated in a crime; or maybe you are coming back from the gun range and unloading your car and now authorities may inquire about safe gun storage)?

Will the police obtain a warrant and compel your turn over camera data?

As with most things related to government and high tech, I would not trust anyone with my personal data AT ALL.


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14 responses to “Would you register your home surveillance cameras with the local police department?

  1. To quote Nancy Reagan – “Just say No” and keep in mind ALWAYS, WHENEVER YOU REGISTER SOMETHING, YOU ARE TRANSFERRING OWNERSHIP.
    Think you own your car or truck? You don’t because you registered it with the State to get a tin plate and paper title. Ownership is established via holder of the “Certificate of Origin” or MSO that auto dealers must surrender to the State at time of registering.
    Read 19 CFR §181.11 All of this rot and fraud was covertly enacted after the public was weary from WWII under “Color of Law”; Acts and Codes. It is NOT Public Law. Look up “Color of Law” if you don’t know what it is and difference between “Lawful and Legal”. Our lawful public courts secretly transitioned to private foreign ownership. We have no Judges, merely Court “Estate” Administrators in Black Robes.
    Also, you don’t own your house and land. Look at your deed. You are listed as “tenant” and tenants pay rent disguised as property tax. While FDR delivered his comforting “fireside chats” after he bankrupted our country in 1933 with Congress and the Press remaining silent, he pledged the peoples land and homes to cover his corporate bankruptcy debt and held a secret meeting with all the Governors so they would incorporate their States after 1938 and issue “Warranty Deeds” unlawfully robbing the people’s private real estate.

    REMEMBER – whenever you register something, you are transferring ownership. Think about your babies when they were born. You were tricked into Registering their birth. There is a HUGE difference in Recording something v. Registering. In the old days, births were recorded in the family Bible or local Land Office in the County of birth. There have been numerous bankruptcies since the days of Lincoln who was not a lawful President just like Obama who bankrupted the corporation again in 2016. https://www.dcclothesline.com/2018/12/15/obama-was-hand-picked-not-a-natural-born-citizen-congress-knew-and-tried-to-protect-him/

    You can educate yourself by taking a look at the contents of a book that was written so someone with a 6th grade education would grasp what occurred during the past 150+ years. You Know Something Is WRONG When … “An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” available on Amazon. Click the image of the book and read what is permitted revealing the Dunn & Bradstreet Corporate identification numbers of Private Foreign Corporations.

  2. Absolutely NO! I am able to police my home 24/7.

  3. It’s not the citizens that need to be constantly watched and monitored, it’s the government!😎 They break the law and flaunt it in our faces daily.

  4. I would ask to access ALL of their cameras, just to see how they like it. And when they say no, you can tell ’em, there’s your answer…

  5. The madness never ceases! That is very curious about the “color of law”. I’ll have to look into it ASAP.

  6. That and Artificial Intelligence:

  7. Would you register your home surveillance cameras with the local police department?

    Not no, but HELL NO!

  8. The article stated that it was asked for the cameras to be registered not ordered. If the cops don’t put any cash down toward helping them out they get nothing. Security cameras cost money. It would be different if there was an incentive like replacement insurance if your camera got vandalized. Best thing to do is not let them know you got security cameras.

  9. Appears Renton PD are getting help from homeowners in setting up bait packages for porch thieves. Now your home is being used as a trap with your cooperation.


    Amazing police have time for this. Wonder how many of them are focused on other bait operations to catch serious offenders for other crimes?

    Guess this bait operation makes the camera registration program look like a success…

  10. Jim Morrison of The Doors wrote something very telling and very true: “We are all voyeurs. Not in any clinical or criminal sense, but in the sense that we are all preoccupied with looking into the lives of others.”

    This is how it always begins: Voluntary registration. And our first comment from Zip is right—whenever you transfer anything over, you are transferring the ownership or control of that thing or service over to the other party. (The fine print of transference is spelled out in admiralty law, which basically presupposes that no one individual owns anything, that people are mere “custodians” or “renters.” (And this is how they will reestablish SERFDOM.))

    On the one hand, I can see how businesses could benefit from registering their cameras with police departments: Live video would timestamp crimes such as burglaries, robberies and shoplifting. In a certain way, this makes sense, as victims and perpetrators in a crime should be readily identifiable.

    On the other hand, why would anyone in his right mind register his own home camera with the police?

    But I see where we’re all headed here. After 9/11 and the Patriot Act and the NDAA, the Fourth Amendment is basically dead in America. WE MUST WAKE UP: Our Bill of Rights has been under constant and incremental attack since 9/11. (Actually, the case could be made since before 9/11.)

    This is what the Ruling Elites really, really want: They want the near-extinction of the human race so they can enjoy the world’s resources for themselves. All they really need is a small coterie of serfs, slaves and prisoners. (Recall the Georgia Guidestones’ commands: “Maintain world population at 500,000,000” and “Maintain a balance with nature.”) Remember British Eugenics as the Pandora’s Box of Evil that got this whole thing rolling: They have infiltrated and infected every institution on Earth with their ideology and agenda.

    They have instituted their EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS. They can only implement them step by step where they cannot tax or control outright. So the next step, given their octopus control is to whittle away at our rights. Basically, in a nutshell, these are our rights—UNALIENABLE AS FAR AS GOD ALMIGHTY IS CONCERNED:
    1. Cash: We have a right to LIQUIDITY and ANONYMOUS TRANSACTIONS;
    2. Gold or precious metals: We have a right to BARTER;
    3. Guns: We have an unalienable right to self-defense, both in our homes and in public;
    4. Cars: We have a right to TRANSPORT and to RESETTLE, to FLEE and to MOVE. We have an unalienable right to FREE MOVEMENT, and not to have that movement impeded without just cause;
    5. PRIVACY: We have a right to engage in our activities, of our own choosing, at a time of our own choosing, without having to justify or explain anything to anybody.

    These are the basics, and my list is by no means inclusive of everything. Suffice it to say this much: We’ve read this article because we’re outraged that government would desire to encroach upon our privacy. There are two types of people: You and I, who just want to be left the hell alone, and the control freaks who cannot mind their own damned business. Forget about governments! THERE ARE NO GOVERNMENTS (as supreme and controlling umpires of neutrality are concerned.) THERE ARE ONLY BANKS AND CORPORATIONS. The banks want the ownership and the corporations want the control—the owner of the junkyard and the junkyard dog!

    We are living under a Satanic Banking and Corporate Fascism that guarantees its lieutenants room and board for their compliance via blackmail and bribery, while we are looked upon as the USELESS EATERS.
    That is what this is all about. George Carlin was correct: “It’s all a Big Club. You and I aren’t in the Big Club!”
    Every major hardware and software innovation is engineered to have a “back door” that can be accessed by the government-approved hacker. (And all major innovation in the tech world’s arsenal is either owned, controlled or designed by Israeli corporations and their subsidiaries. (And this is why America will never free itself from Israeli domination in this regard, but that is a matter for another day.))


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