Would you rather eat Ramen noodles or be killed?

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Before you read further, please take this poll:
It’s not a joke poll.

I assume that all of you, if you are sane, opted for (1) instead of (2).
Except if you are black.
Yes, black Americans would rather be dead than eat Ramen noodle!

Gwen_Moore,_official_109th_Congress_photoRep. Gwen Moore and the dreaded Ramen noodle

That’s according to black Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-Wisconsin). In a speech in 2011 during Congressional hearings to defund the abortion mill Planned Parenthood, pretending to speak for all black Americans, Rep. Moore said this:
“I just want to tell you what it’s like not to have Planned Parenthood … You have to give your kids Ramen noodles at the end of the month to fill up their little bellies so they won’t cry. You have to give them mayonnaise sandwiches. They get very few fruits and vegetables, because they’re expensive.”
Yes, the congresswoman said it’d be better for black babies to be killed — to be suctioned out, scraped, chemically poisoned, suffocated to death or, if Obama has his way, left to die if they managed to survive a botched late-term abortion — than for them to be born and have to eat Ramen noodles at the end of each month because their single moms have run out of welfare cash by then.
Black lives are so cheap and meaningless, even Ramen noodles have more value.
See and hear it for yourself (pay attention esp. beginning at the 2:05 mark):

61-year-old Gwen Moore has been “serving” Wisconsin’s 4th congressional district for seven years, since 2005. Before that she had “served” in Wisconsin’s state legislature (assembly and senate) for 16 years.
Black women in the U.S. are three times more likely to abort their children. In 2004, the rates of abortion by ethnicity in the U.S. were 50 abortions per 1,000 black women, 28 abortions per 1,000 Hispanic women, and 11 abortions per 1,000 white women.
Rush Limbaugh is right. Roe v. Wade had “made us insensitive to killing.”
H/t Ben Johnson of LifeSiteNews. and Elon James White of The Root.

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0 responses to “Would you rather eat Ramen noodles or be killed?

  1. What a stupid bitch. No wonder the USA has declined to such an extent. To think that this neanderthal is representing the State of Wisconsin and continues to be reelected is mind boggling.

  2. This, “idiot”, is OBVIOUSLY, “out-of-touch” with the children of the world today OR is so “filthy” rich, that “she” doesn’t eat “Ramen” noodles! Almost every “child” I have ever met…”loves”…Ramen noodles! AND, I “know” several people that eat nothing more than Ramen noodles…so exactly “how” are Ramen noodles “bad” for ‘ya?

  3. Does she even realize that she is not talking about having Planned Parenthood, that she is equating not having children she doesn’t want to a service that kills them for her? Perhaps she should learn to keep her legs closed as well as her mouth, I am sorry for being insensitive, but it seems as if people like this are so ignorant that they wouldn’t understand anything else. If this is an indication of the modern democrat, conservatives will have no future unless we take our schools back and educate our children. i would say re educate but since they have only been indoctrinated and not taught, that simply doesn’t apply.

  4. With free, tax-payer funded abortion you’re going to have big screen TVs and Air Jordans, but without it you’re going to be stuck feeding a mess of babies Ramen at the end of each month… great message to tell people there.

  5. Thanks Dr. Eowyn,
    I remember being horrified when I first heard this moron’s speech. Then of course, it fell into that mental folder that is already overflowing with the utterly immoral reasonings of similar sociopaths.
    ~ TD

  6. Correction: it was a mistake for me to attack her stupidity. The real issue here is the complete absence of conscience.

  7. Looks like the black-genocide supporting lily-white liberal plantation owners have Moore by the short hairs.
    Somewhere in Hell, Margaret Sanger must be smiling.

  8. i do not believe it would be possible to maintain a weight of 250lbs on a diet of ramon noodles. this woman in all likely hood has never eaten ramon noodles at least not alone maybe with a side of a slab of ribs or a bucket of chicken and a loaf of bread and a bucket of cole slaw plus a fridge full of ice cream.. all bought with food stamps..

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. Moore shows you can justify anything, including killing for convenience which is the essence and reason for abortion. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that abortion is the heart of evil in the world and spoke about this fact when she received the Nobel Peace Prize.
    Furthermore, Moore must think people of her race are stupid, making the correlation that makes no sense in terms of reason and logic, that it is better to have Planned Parenthood, the pro-abortion mill, so that people can get rid of babies so they don’t have to eat ramen noodles at the end of the month. Can anyone see how ridiculous and what a non-sequitor this conclusion is? For example, it would be like me telling you that it is a beautiful day here where I live, the sun is up and it is nice but nippy, and then you say to me, “I like to eat peanut butter sandwiches.” Hence, there is no correlation.
    Clearly, once again, Moore obviously believes her people have no brains making her conclusions horrible, unfair and absolutely evil in every way. She is a racist against her fellow Black Americans.

  10. This lady (and believe me, for her I use the term very loosely) is typical of todays black population in her thinking. EVERYBODY BUT ME IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS! In this case black women can go out and screw whomever not using personal protection and if she gets “Knocked up”……..Oh well. I’ll go to Planned Parent Hood and get me one a dos govment paid fo bortions. Won’t cost me nuttin. An afta few days I be out bangin wif all my boyfrens some mo. This Wisconson Rep. of the 4th district
    should be forced to spend a week watching abortion after abortion, seeing the results of carelessness. Doubt if she’d last a full day!

  11. How do people like this get elected? What a moron.

  12. Actually, I kind of like ramen noodles…

  13. She’s another in a long line of blacks elected to office who should have stayed in the ghetto. Thanks God they are not all like that. But her kind of elected official are the ones ruining any chance of blacks or whites or anyone else for that matter being able to pull themselves up by their boot straps and a chance at a better job. Soon there won’t even be any fast food jobs. What then? She takes after Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters,
    Hank “Guam might tip over” Johnson of Georgia, Rangel, and a few others, who should be on the funny farm.

  14. I ‘growed’ up with ten siblings–and, never did it enter the heart of any one of us–no matter how lean the times–to ‘sacrifice’ one of our own(cannibalism?).
    I understand ‘perfectly’ just how difficult it must be, for some of her constituents, to ‘sacrifice’ cigarettes. alcohol; and drugs…ta say nothin’, of ‘unbridled’–no-pun-intended–sex.
    Someone representing the GOP, called my cell-phone in 2000, to make certain I was ‘on-bird’, with the Conservative Agenda. He asked me my position on abortion. To which I replied: “Anyone who would–SHOULD!”. Well, I was just trying to make a point–but, I got hung up on, nevertheless(no time for riddles). And, yes, I did vote fer the Lesser-Of-Two-Evils Bushwhacker!

  15. Maybe they need to be force fed Ramen noodles………just a thought.

  16. Our four lived on Ramen Noodles in college when they did not spend their money wisely and ran out early. We let them learn to budget rather than constantly send checks.

  17. I have personally run against Moore in 2010 and 2012. I’m gearing up for 2014. I garnered 20,000 more votes in 2012 than I did in 2010 so progress is being made. It is beyond my comprehension that she continues to get re-elected. Thanks for keeping this outrageous behavior in the public eye.

  18. I’m sure her grown kid appreciates the inference they “should” have been killed!

  19. I have no words to describe this idiot. Thanks for the post, Dr. Eowyn.


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