Would you pay $100/hour for nude maid service?

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This is a real news report. This is not a hoax.
Betsy Blaney reports for the Associated Press, April 10, 2012, that a new business has sprung up in the “staunchly conservative west Texas city” of Lubbock.
There, enterprising businesswoman Melissa Borrett, 26, recently opened a cleaning service, Fantasy Maid Service, which offers nude maids.
The fees range from $100 an hour for one maid to $150 an hour for two. Borrett insists she’s not operating a sexually oriented business. In fact, no touching is allowed.

Lubbock police Sgt. Jonathan Stewart said the police will keep close tabs on Fantasy Maid Service because it doesn’t have a permit to operate a sexually oriented business. A violation brings a $2,000 fine.
Borrett opened the business about a month ago. A Craig’s List ad for the service had offered 20% discounts for Easter weekend. There’s a regular discount to public servants politicians and law enforcement.
I wonder how much cleaning actually gets done?
So I went looking on the Internet to see if I can find a pic of Melissa Borrett. I found one on HoustonPress.com!

Hmmm, for a woman who isn’t clothed, Borrett still manages to look disheveled and grimy. She also looks strangely angry.
No matter. Something tells me Borrett’s clients aren’t really into cleaning. She did name her business Fantasy Maid Service, not Fantasy Cleaning Service. LOL

H/t beloved fellow Miranda!


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0 responses to “Would you pay $100/hour for nude maid service?

  1. …looks a little EMO,but nothing a smile wouldn’t improve upon.
    I’ll bet she smiles plenty for $100 an hour…and I don’t care WHAT
    they wear as long as they know how to clean (it’s like common
    sense…it’s practically a lost art)

  2. I don’t know about this–the lady that helps me charges $65.00 to clean our house that we use and $85.00 to clean that and the part that we do not use regularly. Sometime I swear she is not there more than an hour. Good money.

  3. Got me tubes cleaned.

  4. I highly doubt that she really can “clean” and even if she can I would still need clothing to be a requirement. This story has blown up everywhere!
    “And the tattooed rocker chick is involved in animal rights and anti-bullying efforts. (Full disclosure: Kindness Matters, the Lubbock anti-bullying group Borrett supports on Facebook, was founded by Lisa Smith, a second cousin of mine, after her quirky teenaged daughter FeFe was bullied to death by the “good Christians” in the Panhandle at the end of 2010.)” HoustonPress.com
    It seems to me that this girl has a huge chip on her shoulder when it comes to the Texas Panhandle and Christians. Lubbock is super small and very conservative….or at least used to be. When I was attending Texas Tech it really was ALL Panhandle and West Texas kids attending, but it’s now mostly big city kids. I know that it has hurt Lubbock’s environment, which is sad.
    This story literally makes me want to gag!

  5. Alrighty then….girl has to make a buck I guess. She does look rather angry. Wonder why…

  6. Typical depraved slut mentality of today’s young women, no morals left and judgment is at the door.

  7. LOL – Not if she looks like Melissa Borrett.
    Now, if she looks like anything between a Maria Sharapova and an Anna Kournikova, I might be open to negotiation. 😉

  8. I look pretty glum when I have to clean ,too…
    but I remain fully clothed as I have mirrors 🙂

  9. with the expression on her face i wouldn’t let her in my door naked, topless or fully clothed. no crazy ladies wanted thank you very much.

  10. hell yeah!!!!I’d use their service sexy rocker chick cleaning the crib \m/

  11. I would offer this perspective. Lubbock is my hometown (living elsewhere now) …Lubbock has been perceived by many to be socially intolerant towards a plethora of issues…but the issue of sex REALLY gets that town up in a fuss and makes headlines! Lubbock has embarrassed itself nationally on the issue of sex more than once in the past. Ms Borrett is using her skills as a social activist to exploit a hot-button issue in a town that has a reputation of repression towards issues of sex and is also a town that is easy to anger. Ms. Borrett has a win-win situation before her …because there are two roads. If her business is stopped she can use her loud voice to spark debate on a local or national level over the issue. If her business is allowed to continue…then she is going to be very successful and make lots of money! I am sure she thanks everyone that comments here for helping her advertising campaign. Keep it up!

    • “Socially intolerant”? Heaven forbid one have standards and morals.
      Get naked all she wants in the name of “social activism”. Whatever turns her on. Girlfriend would do better to have more self respect. But guess she’s just doing her part to counter attack the “war on women”. /sarc


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