Would You Order Your Pizza From Hell?

Another sign of the demented times we live in. There is a pizza store called Hell Pizza.
I’m not kidding.
Its brick-and-mortar store is located in North Vancouver (didn’t know Hell is in Vancouver!), but Hell Pizza has a website, with this charming (sarc) logo:

It has 25 pizza selections, beginning with “Lust: Pepperoni, Salami, Ham, Bacon & Andoullie lashed with your choice of sauce e.g, BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Smokey BBQ or Tomato.”
Then there are Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride (V), Nemesis, Creator, Pandemonium, Mordor, Mischief, Underworld, Mayhem, Cursed, Trouble, Brimstone, Grimm, Serpent, Damned (V), Sinister (Vegan), Limbo (V), Purgatory (V), The 333, The 666.
Interestingly, I was able to copy and paste the description of only the first selection “Lust.” When I tried to do that with the others, beginning with the second selection, “Gluttony,” when I drag my cursor over the description (in order to “copy” it), the words simply vanish from the screen.
The store’s “About” page claims that “HELL, was spawned by Callum Davies in the year 1996, location: the Kelburn squash centre in Wellington.” At the bottom of the “About” description is this: “Evily yours Callum, Stu, Otis”
Wikipedia says Hell Pizza is a New Zealand-based pizza chain. Hell began in New Zealand in 1996 next to Victoria University, and has expanded within New Zealand and to the UK, Australia, Ireland and Canada.”
True to its name, Hell Pizza encouraged lust, one of the seven Deadly Sins, by distributing 170,000 branded condoms in 2006. Christian and family groups also found the pizza chain’s radio advertisement that featured a “humorous” conversation about Hell to be mocking of Christianity.

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Take it from yr Canadian correspondent/ex-pat, Vancouver HAS indeed, gone to Hell. I last lived there in 1987, and left then as it was going downhill fast. The tsunami of the Chinese did bring some superb restaurants, but the crowding is insufferable. I moved to Victoria, BC in 1993 and haven’t been to Hongcouver since, except to get off the ferry so I could get Dakota, my newest Pom, from his caretaker, get back on the ferry and return to twenty-years-behind the-times Victoria!


LOL – I’ve had pizza that I thought actually must have come from Hell it was so bad.
That’s the only thing that really bugs me about Atlanta.
It’s hard to find really good pizza here. 🙁


how many young kids probably think this is funny? sad. talk to your kids. Boycott these idiots. New Zealand based,interesting.


This is serious business, especially the signature to the devil of the owners of this joint. THIS IS EVIL AND THE ENCOURAGEMENT TO SIN! Sickening! Even in the smallest of undertakings does Satan wish to invade. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for making all of us aware of this sickness. Frankly, I think people should make their own pizza as muich as possible. It is easy and inexpensive and oh, so gooood!


Oh come on, it’s just a joke. Hell is scary, people want to take some of the sting out of it with a joke.

Adrian (@AdrianJohansson)

Well, I guess one would have to believe in Hell to be afraid of it, luckily we, as Jews, don’t have to worry about such quaint ideas. The sad part is that Lust, doesn’t seem to be Kosher. Going to have to skip that one.