Would you let this man kiss you on the lips?

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Daniel Halper reports for The Weekly Standard that Joe “they’ll-put-you-back-in-chains” Biden was campaigning at the Canfield fair in Ohio today.

At 2:30, he stopped at the food booth of Antone’s Italian Grill and tasted the $6 fried cheese — balls of fried cheese, with tomato sauce and pasta.

An Obamabot fair-goer named Bev Kalmer from Poland, Ohio, gushed at Biden: “Welcome to Ohio! You gotta keep the chair.”

By chair, Kalmer meant the POS in the White House — a reference to Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC last night, in which he pretended to carry on a conversation with Obama, symbolized by an empty chair.

At which, Biden — who will be 70 this November — kissed Kalmer on the lips.


My question to the female readers of FOTM:

Would you let a strange man kiss you on the lips?

I would have slapped Biden.

This man does not observe or respect personal boundaries. I no longer doubt the authenticity of this bizarre pic:

Using a people search engine, I found a Beverly A. Kalmer, age 72, in Lowelville, Ohio. Lowelville is a small town 4.7 miles to the east of Poland, Ohio.

That explains it! Bev the cougar was thrilled that she got a kiss from a younger man. LOL


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0 responses to “Would you let this man kiss you on the lips?

  1. Saw a recent video of him last night. His forehead sure looked smooth and wrinkle free. Botox?

  2. As utterly revolting as it would be to kiss Biden, I would rather kiss him than Obama. There is no telling where his nasty lips have been. Think Reggie Love!

  3. Forget “Slap”, a headbutt would straighten him out.

  4. No respectful man, nor a vice president nonetheless, would kiss a complete stranger. Odd..

  5. I wouldn’t let him kiss me anywhere.

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this funny post. Well, it got me visualizing then I became sick to my stomach. (LOL!!!!)

  7. Eww.

  8. Oh my gosh NO! Never would I (gag) allow a kiss on the lips (gag) from Joe Biden! Gotta run, think I am going to throw up… just (gag) thinkin’ about it….

  9. Kiss Biden? not for enough money to pay down the national debt.


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