Would US Troops Fire on Americans?

Remember Waco?

Many Americans were alarmed by the election of Barack Hussein Obama, not only because of his many socialist-communist-black nationalist-Muslim friends and associates (such as childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis, SDS terrorist Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour), but also because in just two years as U.S. Senator, he already achieved “the most liberal” voting designation. Our apprehensions were confirmed by Obama’s behavior in his first year in office:

  • His appointment as “czars” of overtly radical left-wing individuals;
  • His inexplicable bowing before the Saudi Arabia king and Japan emperor; 
  • His incessant apologies to the world for America’s real and imagined wrongs;
  • His Attorney General Eric Holder’s — and by extension Obama’s — antipathy to Second Amendment gun rights; 
  • His adamant insistence on ramming Commiecare down our throats despite poll after poll consistently showing a majority of Americans are opposed.

So it is with justifiable reasons that we find ourselves pondering a nightmarish scenario:

What if the American people, finding our government continue to ignore peaceful Tea Party methods of organizing and protest, turn to mass acts of civil disobedience or more, would Obama use that as a pretext to declare a state of emergency and impose martial law? And if the American people still refuse to submit, would orders be given to the U.S. military to use force to compel our submission? Will the army obey? 

We are heartened that some have anticipated these questions and formed the organization, Oath Keepers:

Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, peace officers, fire-fighters, and veterans who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic … and meant it. We won’t “just follow orders.”
Below is our declaration of orders we will NOT obey because we will consider them unconstitutional (and thus unlawful) and immoral violations of the natural rights of the people. Such orders would be acts of war against the American people by their own government, and thus acts of treason. We will not make war against our own people. We will not commit treason. We will defend the Republic.

FellowshipOfMinds have asked individual members of the U.S. Armed Forces this question, but the few we’ve asked got gun shy (no pun intended) despite our assurance that their identities will be kept anonymous.
It is time this matter is discussed in public forums. Below is one man’s rather pessimistic opinion, citing past instances of U.S. troops indeed firing on American civilians. 

Have No Doubt America…

By M. Ernest Smith (for henrymakow.com)  March 15, 2010
(Mike Smith is a 49-year-old senior at Liberty University majoring in Psychology and preparing for his Masters work in Professional Counseling. He describes himself as “apolitical with only the best interest of humanity in mind and a firm believer in God and Truth.”)
There were more than one hundred dead and wounded, including children and babies,in 1932 when US troops dispersed a camp of WW1 veterans demanding only what had been promised them.
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The question often has been asked, especially during these last few years, if American military troops would indeed fire upon American citizens if so ordered by Washington.  The answer?  Have no doubt America, because it’s already happened.
WWI was a terrible war that introduced new weapons and tactics resulting 100,000 US deaths as well as US 200,000 wounded and gassed in the first eighteen months alone.

The soldiers fighting that war for America earned between $1.00 and $1.50 per day while those serving under Selective Service in factories supporting the war earned as much as ten times that amount. After the war, the veteran soldiers demanded to be paid what they had lost during the war years as “adjusted compensation” as promised by the United States government. Later, their detractors would call it a “bonus”.

Herbert Hoover, a self-made millionaire, said during his inaugural address that “the future of the country was bright with hope”…  Seven months later the Great Depression hit.  In 1932, there was 25% unemployment and many of the unemployed were WWI veterans and their families.  It was decided that the veterans lead by Walter W. Waters  would march on Washington, D.C.

By May of 1932, there were approximately 10,000 veterans and a few families totaling 30,000, who occupied what was called the Anacostia Flats neighborhood of Washington, D.C. where the vets slept in tents, barrels and some makeshift huts in almost a foot of mud. 
Later, the veterans and their families proceeded to march and demonstrate to remind the Congressional representatives to keep their promise of compensation to the WWI vet, so badly needed and necessary during this nationwide financial disaster. 

At first, the Congress approved the measure but the Senate soundly defeated it days later.  It was during this time President Hoover resolved to drive the veterans out of Washington D.C. back to their homes. However, the larger problem was that most of the veterans didn’t have any homes.  Many were squatting in abandoned buildings.

Solution? President Hoover ordered the Washington, D.C. police to drive the vets out of the abandoned buildings.  As with any forcible action, it was met with resistance…people fought the police…bricks were thrown and the police opened fire: two vets were killed.
It seems that anytime there is a police action around a government capital, troops are called…reader, take notice.
President Hoover ordered General Douglas MacArthur who led 200 Calvary, 400 armed troops, tanks and other armored vehicles against AMERICAN citizens and veterans of a war the government sent them to fight and die!
General MacArthur was not the only “Who’s Who” participating in this “tyrannyfest”, General MacArthur’s aide, General Dwight D. Eisenhower and then Major George Patton also had a hand in the action.  It should be noted that a witness, then seven year old Naamen Seigle, witnessed Major Patton draw his saber and lead the charge against the mass of veterans.
With Patton and the Calvary charging, the 400 ground troops dawned their gas masks and proceeded to hurl gas grenades into the crowd of veterans, a bitter reminder of battles such as in the Meuse-Argonne Forest in France. 

No, this gassing was compliments of their own government.  As the veterans ran choking from the effects of the gas, the troops with bayonets fixed, charged and jabbed their way into the crowd.  Hundreds of veterans were injured and several killed.
After General MacArthur gained control of the situation, President Hoover ordered the General to proceed no further. But General MacArthur had other ideas.  General MacArthur is quoted as saying “I cannot bother with pieces of paper during a military operation” and advanced on the Anacostia Flats encampment.  It was during this unauthorized attack that MacArthur ordered the burning of the encampment to the ground.
What justification did General MacArthur use? He felt a Communist plot for revolution was at handReader, beware
What do we learn from this piece of history?  The government will use our own military to suppress its citizenry if it feels threatened and it will use any excuse to do so.

Note: Posse Comitatus does not apply to Washington D.C. because it is a federal district governed by the U.S. Congress (U.S. Constitution, Article 1. Section 8. Clause 17).  As usual, they have their bases covered.

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Had this not happened to me personally, I would not believe it. This discussion has come up twice – once in an Autozone – a young airman at TAFB told us to our face when the Marine poll came out that he would definitely fire on Americans if the order came from his superiors, lawful or not. He would carry out his orders without fail. Last year in a dive shop, a sailor from the Navy base became so irate that he had to go to the far side of the store to calm down when we discussed the constitutionality… Read more »

Tom in NC
Tom in NC

As a veteran I can’t speak for all military personnel but I think I know a lot about their mindset. While there will be undoubtably those that would fire on their fellow Americans I believe the majority would not and most officers would not give the order to fire on Americans. Another thing to take into consideration is the circumstances, I seriously doubt that many military commanders have confidence in Obama’s leadership and can see the corruption and downright criminality coursing through the veins of this administration. Basically I think there would be a coming together of American civilians and… Read more »

Tom in NC
Tom in NC

At this point I wouldn’t care if it was a real or a manufactured scandal, blackmail this bastard, do whatever it takes to get him out of office.
The time for fighting fair has passed, he won’t listen to the American people then the American people should take drastic action!
Obama is nothing more than a third world despot using this country as his personal toilet and our Constitution and Bill of Rights to wipe his filthy ass.
Sorry if my language is salty, these maggots in D.C. really brings the anger out of me.


Arm yourselves.
And I come from a huge military family.
Blind loyalty is dangerous, and it matters not the disposition of the government in charge.
Remember, the very definition of government is FORCE.


If we were living in a sane world, I would say that the chances of our military turning their guns on American civilians would be exactly zilch.
But we no-longer reside in a sane world.
I’ve seen too many stories about police officers killing innocents in the so-called War on Drugs.
It’s happened here in Atlanta, and many other places as well.
Those officers had family, as do our soldiers, but that didn’t change what ultimately happened.

Miss Anthropy
Miss Anthropy

Of course they would fire upon, drop napalm on, use chemical gas on, American citizens. Look at what the Nazis did to civilians all over Europe. Surely among all those German soldiers were a lot of men with a basic sense of morality, but they still did exactly what they were told, as they infamously claimed in their subsequent trials. It will be no different in America if and when that sort of thing happens. Lots of them will even enjoy it. Their loyalty is to the STATE not the people. Besides, so what if they swore some meaningless oath… Read more »