Would President Lucifer re-tweet this bloody photo?

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Byron Wolf reports for ABC News that last night, the POS’s Twitter account @BarackObama retweeted this picture of John Lennon”s bloody glasses from the day he was murdered.
bloody glasses
The picture was first tweeted by the no-talent insufferable Yoko Ono, who accompanied the pic with text saying that more than a million people have been killed by guns since Lennon was shot in 1980.
The POS’ retweet of the bloody-glasses photo, in turn, was forwarded to his more than 28 million followers.
THEODORE B, a reader of this news on Yahoo!, asks this excellent question:

Imagine a right wing conservative tweeting a picture of bloody instruments used in an abortion and what the media would say about it?

An even better question is:

Since President Lucifer is so against murder, would he ever re-tweet this picture?


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0 responses to “Would President Lucifer re-tweet this bloody photo?

  1. We know the answer.

  2. Roughly 1,000,000 per year aborted .
    so since 1980 we have 33 years X 1 Million = 33 million dead,
    and 1 Million killed by guns. NOT ON PURPOSE. That figure does not mean murdered.
    That includes suicide. Accident, police, defense. etc.
    The Beatles‘ musician John Lennon was shot and killed outside of his New York City apartment on the night of Dec. 8, 1980

  3. May the Lord God have mercy on your souls, who is for this kind of acts on innocent life. Remember, we will all be held accountable, every one of us, who don’t speak out, and who does this kind of evil, God sees everything, and knows their hearts. It is just horrible, what mankind has become. We all need to repent, because Jesus is coming soon this time!

  4. Playing on sentimentality to encouage people to go “Golly, we should have tyranny– that would’ve prevented it, and the free healthcare will be great!!”

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most important post. The little infant requires the same protection as an adult, as this little human being cannot speak for himself or herself. The fabric and nature of a society is measured by how the weakest humankind is treated. Shame on you Obama for your ardent support of killing of the weakest of humankind!

  6. When I saw the picture of that little baby–it just took my breath away. I felt as though I had been kicked in the guts. If people who see this cannot discern for themselves the evil that abortion represents . . . then I say–let them spent eternity with Satan and his minions.

  7. Nope but I would….if Libertards love abortion so much, why do they hate seeing such?

    • Thickly encrusted though it is, their conscience nevertheless is bestirred when they see the actual murder of innocent unborn, which is why they’re so adamant on preventing pro-lifers from showing visual evidence of the aborted. It’s called Denial.

    • Maybe they just love it and secretly watch things like this when they’re alone. Like the nominal president watches his drone killing videos when he’s at home by himself. Then put on a said face like he and Hillary Clinton had on when they were greeting the coffins arriving home after Genghazi. The latest push to arm the Syrian rebels to stop the bloodshed? just about does it. We are talking nutsville. This is coming out of the WH. No wonder the North Korean porpaganda is showing t being wrecked.

  8. Baring repentance and faith on Obama’s part, he will burn forever in hell. He will be with one of his mentors:

  9. Since the day the Supreme Court of Infamy decided it was fine to kill off babies for whatever reason, I just knew that this was God’s litmus test of our heart – a terrible decision right out of the bowels of hell….


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