"Work of Art"

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Going to give birth as "performance art"

NYC artist plans birth in Brooklyn gallery as performance art

Via Komo News:  The bedroom is brightly decorated with ocean blue walls, family pictures and photo-imprinted pillows and blankets of the mother-to-be. An inflatable birthing pool and air mattress for the midwife and doula lie near the bed. A soundtrack of the ocean plays nonstop.  Marni Kotak has created a cozy environment for the birth of her first child. But the bedroom is not in her home. It is in a Brooklyn art gallery.
The 36-year-old Kotak is a performance artist who has created a home-birth center at the Microscope Gallery where she plans to deliver her baby as a work of art sometime in the next few weeks.
The gallery has extended the days it is open to all seven days a week so Kotak – as part of the project – can develop a rapport with members of the public who come to see “The Birth of Baby X.”  She and her painter-husband, Jason Robert Bell, don’t know the baby’s gender and have not picked out a name.
About 20 people a day stop by to talk to Kotak or see the free exhibit, which opened Oct. 8. Visitors can leave contact information if they want to return for the birth.  Kotak said her audience “won’t be total strangers.” She said those who spend time talking to her about motherhood, birth and art and learning about the project will be notified when she goes into labor. If she’s home at the time, she will go to the gallery.
I’m developing an authentic relationship with these people,” she said. “For me, it’s like building a community of people who are really interested in this.”  About 15 people, mostly those on the list plus the birthing team, are expected to witness the birth – the most the room can comfortably hold.
She doesn’t plan to talk to her audience. “However, I never know how a performance will progress and sometimes unexpected things happen,” she said.  Kotak’s husband will document everything. No other cameras or video will be allowed. Should there be an emergency, a hospital is less than half a mile away.
Kotak, whose childhood was spent in Norwood, Mass., said all her performances focus on everyday life experiences. She has been re-enacting events from her life for more than 10 years, including her own birth, losing her virginity in “a sunny blue Plymouth” and her grandfather’s funeral.
In combining the birth of her child with artistic expression, Kotak said she wants to show “this amazing life performance that … is essentially hidden from public view” and that addresses social taboos regarding the human body.   Besides giving birth before an audience, she expects she will shower behind a clear plastic curtain during her labor and she plans to breastfeed her baby.
The entire gallery is given over to the installation, and Kotak spends as much time there as she can. She carved out space for a tiny kitchenette and the portable shower with curtain pockets filled with photos from her three baby showers.
“I think it’s really interesting to frame the birth as a performance piece,” said McCarthy, of Brisbane, Australia, who is doing a museum internship at MoMA PS. 1 in Queens. “I’m interested in the blurring of art, of what makes art and what’s life and how they’re converging in the gallery space.”
Kotak said she and her husband will share the details of the birth to their child “over time as an organic process.”  “The overall message that we will communicate to the child is that he or she was born in an art gallery because, as artists, that is our sacred space, and in doing this we are telling the world and our child that his or her life is a precious work of art.”
Um, there’s a reason that birth is hidden from public view.  It’s a private and intimate matter between parents and families.  I’ve never witnessed a birth – my sister and friends never asked me to attend, wonder why :).  I would probably pass out – I’m not a big fan of blood and witnessing other body fluids that occur during birth. But if this woman wants to “perform”, have at it.  I definitely won’t be attending.

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0 responses to “"Work of Art"

  1. Oy, can’t she just go to Occupy Wall Street and complain about NEA funding cuts?

  2. I have had four, and trust me, no one but family needs to watch!!

  3. Anyone thought of this proverb while reading the article; “Stupid is as stupid does”?

  4. It gets worse as we go along!

  5. It is said of ‘ART’…
    Tis in the Eye of the Beholder – ‘Behold! Public birthing… My Eye!…’
    Is left Open to Interpretation…
    Birthing a baby publicly is … @ %$#$% %$ %$#%$#!

  6. Exhibitionism under the guise of art.
    One of my sisters-in-law had her first childbirth immortalized in close-up photos, which were pasted into a photo album in their living room. Visitors would have the album foisted on them. For some unfathomable reason, my brother & wife thought it’s just peachy to have their guests look at pics of her gaping vagina.

  7. When my sister (who might weigh 120 lbs soaking wet) had her first, I was outside of the room, but within easy earshot of the door.
    But once she started in earnest, I had to walk to the other end of the hall and hang out in the snack room until it was all over.
    Fortunately I had tucked a half pint of JD in my inside jacket pocket, and poured half of it into the Coke I was drinking.
    LOL – That helped a lot, as I was a nervous wreck.

  8. Grouchy,I have to agree,Is there nothing sacred and holy anymore?

  9. If anyone offers to let me watch,I say ,’Sure! I’ve pulled quite a few calves in my day…plenty of lambs,too.Glad to help out!” I’m usually escorted to the cafeteria ’till the whole affair is finished.
    I once fell off my Harley and tore my pelvis apart…I expect that’s close enough to all that joy as I want to get.It’s a wonder of engineering that you gals can do that…awesome 🙂

  10. Why would she do that??? Why expose herself and the baby in that matter??? What is coming next??? It’s insane!!!! And Grouch and Tina, I agree wit you… There is nothing sacred and holy anymore!!!

  11. If anyone cares, baby was born yesterday. The “highest form of art” produced a 9lb baby boy, Jax. Thankfully baby healthy.
    The “artist” is going to start an 18 year project called Raising Baby X, where she will document her child’s upbringing until college with weekly video podcasts. Gee, how’d you like to be that kid?

    • Debbie,
      Do you know who/what funded this woman’s performance “art”? I sure hope it’s not the National Endowment for the Arts!

      • Through the Microscope Gallery, found a link to fracturedatlas which lists Marni as a featued artist.
        Fracturedatlas “helps artists and arts organizations raise money from charitable sources”. Their supporters, including NEA and New York State Council on the Arts, listed here:
        NY State Council on the Arts received $750,306 from NEA in 2011 to “support Partnership Agreement activities”.
        A search of NEA yielded nothing on Microscope Gallery nor Marni Kotak. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s getting some form of taxpayer money as she’s seeking sponsorship from government institutions.
        And that was depressing looking at how much money NEA gives away to so-called “art”.

  12. Well, well….the woman who gave birth in public, as part of performance art, is now terrified of the media attention. You can’t make this up…
    “Marni Kotak said that she did not expect the amount of interest for her ‘work’ and that she is finding it hard to cope whilst nursing her first child. Her husband Jason Robert Bell revealed she is ‘totally afraid’ whilst their friends claimed she feels like there is a ‘bounty on the picture of her first child’.”


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