WooHoo! It's Food Stamp Friday!

Are you one of the 50.5% of Americans who actually pay federal income taxes?
You’d be happy to know how your tax dollars are being spent.
An Associated Press report on March 30, 2012, brings us the good news that a nightclub in Montgomery, Alabama, has come up with a unique theme night to attract business.
It’s “Food Stamp Friday”!

The Rose Supper Club in Montgomery will host a “Food Stamp Friday” theme night in April.
A flyer for the April 6, 2012 event says that admission will be discounted at $5  until 10:30 p.m. with a valid food stamp card and free shots of alcohol will be given at the door. Note the name of the promoters: “Young, Black, & GettinMoney Promotions”.

Manager Harman Wilson says the night is meant to complement the club’s other theme nights, such as Fat Tuesday, Karaoke Wednesday or Thirsty Thursday. Although patrons will not be able to use their food stamps to buy alcoholic beverages, Wilson hopes the novel approach will draw people — food stamps recipients — to the club.
Montgomery’s Human Resources Department spokesman Barry Sparks says the department does not approve of the promotion. He says food assistance benefits are meant to provide nourishment for hungry families.
The Montgomery Advertiser has a follow-up story.
Richard Thomas, who keeps the books at the Rose Supper Club, said the phone has been ringing nonstop since media reports about the promotion. Thomas said he was approached by a local rapper to rent out the nightclub for the event on April 6, and that’s the extent of the nightclub’s involvement.
“The club had nothing to do with it — we just gave him the date,” said Thomas, who said his son owns the bar. Thomas said he owns the land on which the nightclub sits and keeps the books for the business.
Thomas has asked the rapper to change the name of “Food Stamp Friday” and that the concert would take place only if the name is changed and if local officials are OK with the event.
Thomas said the offer of free alcohol — which is prohibited under Alabama law — was put on the flyer by the rapper and would not have been honored by the club.

H/t beloved fellow Terry.


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8 years ago

I wasn’t aware you could use food stamps at restaurants. Must be different guidelines in each state?

8 years ago

In my mind in the future, I see a young black man in line with his food stamps. His name is barack obama or one of his aliases. He likes clubs doesn’t he?

8 years ago

Thank you Terry and Dr. Eowyn for this post! Fascinating use of government food stamps which is supposed to be used for necessary groceries! I once confronted two ladies dressed to kill. They were mother and daughter and wearing snakeskin boots, expensive Gucci handbags, and in their grocery cart were items I could not afford even though I had worked very hard. Amongst those items were fresh shrimp, New York steaks, expensive asparagus, et al. I told them in front of everyone, whilst they tried to use their food stamps, that food stamps were meant for the poor, and those… Read more »