Women in swing states dump POS

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In 2008, the POS got elected in part because 56% of female voters went for him. Unmarried women in particular went whole hog for Obama over McCain 70% vs. 29%.

But American women are finally coming to their senses.

A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of the battleground swing states shows Mitt Romney is now leading by 4% among likely voters, and he has growing enthusiasm among women to thank.

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Gosh, do you think that’s why the POS’s henchmen are attacking Gallup, again?

H/t FOTM’s beloved Joan & Tina.

P.S. The coming-to-their-senses of American women is one reason why I vehemently disagree with Ann Barnhardt. In her blog of September 1, 2012, she bemoaned the passage of the 19th Amendment that extended suffrage, the right to vote, to females. (Since Barnhardt’s website has no search function nor a “click” function to upload an individual essay, to find that essay you’ll have to go to her webpage and ask your web browser to search for “19th Amendment”. Alternately, you can go to this blog to read her essay.)

@Ann: The solution is to inform and persuade American women. The solution is NOT to take the right to vote from women!

Besides, by Barnhardt’s “reasoning,” since 96% of black voters went for Obama in 2008, we should also abolish the 15th Amendment that prohibits the denial of suffrage based on race. And since Obama won the under age 30 crowd by 34% in 2008, we should also abolish the 26th Amendment that lowers the voting age to 18 years. Then there are the 77% of Jewish Americans who voted for Obama in 2008….


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  1. Barnhart offers a typical liberal solution. Do it my way or else. Liberals think they are the only people with any sense so if you don’t agree with them it is because you are stupid.

    • Barnhardt is not a leftwinger but a traditionalist (pre-Vatican II) Catholic who’s anti-Muslim and traditional in her cultural values. I’ve admired her, but I think she’s gone round the bend. She advocates not paying taxes and claims she doesn’t, but I don’t know of a single tax-avoider who has succeeded. She is leading her followers straight to IRS prison.

  2. I am so proud of American women who are finally coming around to see the truth about this administration. I pray that their enthusiasm for Romney/Ryan grows!


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