Woman with 4" toe-nails

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This is what the Welfare State has spawned.

No employer — not even the politically-correct indulgent government — would hire or tolerate an employee who has 4″-long toe-nails.


Nailed it! A 54-year-old woman has become so obsessed by growing her four inch nails, she won't even cut them to exercise despite being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes

Ayanna, who calls herself the toenail “goddess”

Victoria Wellman reports for the Daily Mail, March 6, 2012, that a woman who was once addicted to growing the nails on her hands has now grown her toenails to a staggering four inches, limiting her motion and jeopardizing her health.
Known as Ayanna, the 54-year-old is the latest quirky character to appear on TLC’s show My Strange Addiction on which she refuses to cut her curly claws calling them her “babies”:
“They are 50 per cent of who I am. They’re just sexy and sassy. I am considered a long-nailed goddess,” Ayanna told the lifestyle network’s cameras much to the dismay of her godson Kuwait and friend Vincent.
As if Ayanna’s addiction does not already impinge on everyday life, she was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a disease which requires activity and exercise to beat.
But the extreme nail-enthusiast is adamant, despite what her family say, that she ‘will fiercely protect them at all costs.’

Ayanna's longest toenail is four inches long she estimates
Ayanna spends up to $200 a week on mani-pedis

Forced to walk slowly like a penguin on her heels and climb stairs sideways, Ayanna rarely sleeps on her back because the blanket feels like a ‘brick is sitting on top of my toe nails,’ she explained.
Furthermore, she can’t wear socks or any other shoes except flip-flops which she must endure year round, changing only into tennis shoes when she can cut the end out of the foot.
At the age of 24, Ayanna began growing the nails on her hands freakishly long but five years ago, her addiction spread to her feet.

Ayanna has over 15 inches of nails on her hangs and toes
Ayanna cuts her tennis shoes at the toe

Her longest toenail she estimates measures four inches.

Determined: Despite not being able to walk properly, play with her grandsons or sleep on her back, Ayanna refuses to cut her 'babies'

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0 responses to “Woman with 4" toe-nails

  1. Wow! What a life long achievement. There is HOPE for the Nation after all. Let us all emulate this heroic woman.

  2. The first thing that popped into my head was how does she wipe lol?! Ewww.

  3. Freaky!!

  4. Why would anyone sacrific their life for this? UGH!!!

  5. Maybe I missed it, where does this person work?

  6. I saw this several weeks ago on YouTube! I don’t get the toenails. I love having long fingernails which, if they are long, 99% of the time they’re fake since my real nails are so weak and pitiful. It makes me feel completely fixed-up and feminine to have them. But I don’t get the toenails at all, it’s just not the same thing, and it looks nasty. Some women like to have French pedicures which I’ve never done because #1 toenails are supposed to be short, so what’s the advantage to drawing attention to the tips, and #2 I love having a very dark color on my toes.
    I guess the way she wipes is the nails hang down to the side like they do while she’s turning pages of her magazine in the picture.
    It does anger me that people get to CHOOSE to be worthless and lazy and get the government to pay for not only their necessities, but luxuries!

  7. One hell of a bad case of Nail Fungus.

  8. Dave McMullen


  9. My dear friend Eowyn–you must be bored on this Saturday to discover this nut case!!! LOL

    • Dear DW,
      Actually I had this post in draft for months. Couldn’t bring myself to publish it…until this morning. I must have been bored or cracked. LOL

      • .
        You never fail to make me laugh, Terry. I sure needed that today. It was a tough day. Terrible betrayal by 2 people whom I had treated with only kindness, decency, but naïveté.

  10. Toenail Fungusoid

  11. Should I thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for this amazing post? Dear God, I have seen everything! Besides not being able to properly wipe, how does she clean her home, how does she cook? Really unbelievable! Truly, this is sickening and I also agree that she needs a psychiatrist. And I say to myself, that God loves all of us in any event!

  12. Some people drag themselves to work each day, barely able to make ends meet, sick, in enormous pain – someone I know well, in fact. Someone eligible for disability, food stamps, HUD, all kinds of entitlements – who takes NOTHING. Pride, not wanting to be part of the problem, whatever – and this worthless piece of crap refuses to do anything but loaf on her ass and tend to her hideous cuticles. Makes me want to puke.

    • I know what mean SDF, I watched my late best friend walk around with a hoffman device on his leg trying to find work so he feed and house his family and not take a hand out. I have no issue with those who truly need help but a lot are bums anymore. The biblical stardard that I like to apply, ya don’t work ya don’t eat. Great motivation for lazy types.

  13. How can she send a decent text message?? No “tweeting” for her.

  14. How can she get the bracelets on?

  15. It makes me sick that this lazy delusional woman (sexy and sas*y?? please…) gets to be a parasite on government assistance. She’s vain and disgusting, and God may love her but I doubt he approves!


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