Woman who supports killing babies washes feet of lawbreaker

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“To honor the dignity and work of [illegal] immigrants,” the Catholic heretic, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-SF), helps Bishop Marc Andrus in the traditional foot-washing ceremony by pouring water on the feet of Yamile Cruz, 10, at Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in San Francisco.

Pelosi used the occasion to propagandize about HR15 – the bipartisan immigration “reform” bill that she claims would “reduce the deficit by nearly $1 trillion, secure our borders, unite our families, protect our workers and provide an earned pathway to citizenship.”

One of the richest members of Congress, the pro-abort Pelosi has a net worth estimated to be $100 million.

The Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church identifies abortion (and the support of abortion) to be an “intrinsic (i.e., unnegotiable) evil” and mortal sin. Shame on you, Bishop Andrus, for allowing this heretic to mock Christ and the Church by continuing to receive the sacred sacrament of the Eucharist.


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  1. I look at that photo and so much comes to mind…one thing in particular is that Nancy Pelosi truly has a mental disorder(s). I think it’s wonderful to humble yourself, but she needs to go to the house of every American citizen and GET ON HER KNEES AND BEG FORGIVENESS for all the wrong she has committed against us. SHE SHOULD BE WASHING OUR FEET!

  2. The Bishop looks like the “Good Samaritan” Crisis Actor at Sandy Hook! Is he?

  3. Son of the Rabbit People

    Why has she and her heretical cohorts not been excommunicated by the church? I’m not a catholic, but I don’t understand why the church allows them to do so much damage to the cause of Christ then hide behind its sacraments.

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    Anathema sit! Haereticus!!

  5. Hypocrisy, thy name is Pelosi.

  6. The modern day Judas!!!!!!

  7. The church should have excommunicated Pelosi a long time ago.

  8. With her net worth they’ll never excommunicate her!

  9. Would she be there if there weren’t a camera for a photo op???

  10. I’ve been told I can be quite pedantic, and the proof of this came when I was fired from a teaching position. Like Icarus, I flew too high and my wings melted. I see the moral problem with myself now—pride. I had my pity party for a couple of years, and now I thank God I was relieved from that responsibility.
    Now we come to the annoying public figure, the APF. New York City got tired of Mayor Bloomberg. New York State got tired of Gov. Mario Cuomo. The whole country GOT TIRED of the Clintons. And if someone’s not tired of what’s going on now, they’re not paying attention!
    All these politicians are like actors upon a stage, and their charades, their pontifications, their schaudenfreude and all the rest can be quite amusing, even if irritating. But with Nancy Pelosi, we come to a whole new dimension of a person being destroyed personally by her ambitions. I humbly submit that Mrs. Pelosi is demonically possessed, in the Catholic theological sense of the term. These behaviors—if one pays close enough attention—are the giveaway.
    First, her voice. I have paid attention to the manner in which Pelosi speaks and the way in which she explains herself. The vocal qualities of her voice, although seemingly benign in themselves, present to me a woman who has been studied by a foreign intelligence and taken apart, deconstructed, if you will. “Beware, Peter, beware: The Devil is about to sift you like wheat.” This is how Pelosi speaks. No normal human being talks in this manner. Listen to the voice and its pitch—never one to rise to a crescendo to reveal the drama, but you can identify the drama going on underneath.
    Next, I notice her role as public figure and how she performs that role. Always the one to present herself as “the nurse,” she’s always at the scene to help. And insisting upon “helping” she does. Oh, but she insists upon it. And in this melodrama, the things happening always manage to make themselves more important that the people themselves, don’t they? People like us, who have suffered this government for more than long enough.
    And then we come to the woman herself. No one can act without reflecting back upon his or her behavior now, can they? And that is where Pelosi’s acknowledgement of that role comes into play. It’s never just about the politics and the positions, is it? Why, after all, Mrs. Pelosi has to go back to her religious roots from time to time, just to show that she cares. Things like visiting Pope Benedict and Pope Francis. Things like washing the feet of people on Maundy Thursday.
    So, Yes, Yes. I see the role Mrs. Pelosi has been performing and how she has been performing it. Never the one to show embarrassment or shame, she has to cover for it somehow. So her voice shows how she’s been picked apart. Her words belie a certain calculated premeditation. Her role playing betrays a definite calculation of her answering to another agenda, a Higher Authority (so she thinks), a noble and uplifting cause.
    That “authority” is best represented in history by Judas Iscariot. That “cause” is the betrayal of God and all Humanity by an agenda that preceded her.
    I have witnessed demonic activity before, and I am telling you that this woman is to be avoided at all costs. (She’s not the only one: Hillary Clinton is also possessed). So do we pray for the impossible—her conversion—or do we pray for Justice? Judas Iscariot did what he thought he had to do, and he hanged himself. Jesus Christ redeemed Humanity anyway. And the Devil still roams the earth like a ravenous lion, seeking whom he may devour!

  11. (BTW, Dr. Eowyn, in response to the previous question as to why pro-abort politicians are not excommunicated: The deal was made, with the election of John XXIII, that the Church would not excommunicate. This was a peace-offering made to the Soviets, in return for a cessation of persecution behind the Iron Curtain. An agreement which the Soviets immediately began to break, but the Church kept its end of the bargain. This is why Catholic pro-aborts are not excommunicated. This is fact.)

  12. Yeah, Nancy, and we can lower our health care bills and keep our medical plans and our doctors, too, at the same time reducing our National debt. We already BOUGHT that bridge in Brooklyn. Which bridge is THIS that you are scamming us with, NOW??? She’s not sick people, she’s a senile old broad who hasn’t been carried off to The Home yet. Watch her tremor, her vacant passages, her convoluted connections….I keep thinking—surely there’s an ambulance waiting off stage to rush her into the ER for a CAT scan to find out when the stroke happened. Harry Reid is not far behind her. I just haven’t noticed him with a “tremor” yet….but all the other symptoms are there! BUT—Nancy is LONG GONE…..we just haven’t had the funeral yet.


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