Woman who had sex with 1,000+ men was a man

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Remember DCG’s post on Crystal Warren, a UK woman who blames her parents for her promiscuity — for having “slept with” more than a thousand men?

Crystal Warren

At the time, I expressed some incredulity that so many men could have sexual intercourse with a woman so ugly, that if you put her head over a man’s body, you’d see how masculine she looks. Little did I know I had stumbled onto the truth.
Crystal Warren is actually Christopher Snowden, a man.
The UK’s Daily Mail reports, Feb. 3, 2012, that appearing on the TV show “This Morning,” 42-year-old Warren made the startling confession that she used to be a man. She was born Christopher Snowden and changed gender in 2005.
Warren told The Sun that even when she was young she felt as though she was a female trapped in a boy’s body – a condition known as gender dysphoria. Her parents realised from a young age – and her dad even bought her a skirt for her fourth birthday.
As a teenager, Christopher Snowden would stay at home to try on his mother’s clothes, when his parents were out of the house: “One day when I was 14 I was at the swimming pool with my mum and feeling very depressed and she just told me, ‘Don’t worry, I know what’s going on. You’re not gay — you’re just not in the right body’.”
Eventually, in 2002 Snowden began having hormone and laser treatment to remove body hair and develop a 38B bust. He underwent counselling before finally having full gender reassignment surgery seven years ago.
After the operation, it was issued with a Gender Recognition Certificate, which allowed it to legally change its birth certificate to reflect its new name and sex.
Even before the operation, Christopher Snowden would sleep with men, but it now says it has bedded most of its lovers since it made the decision to become a woman a surgically-mutilated male. It said:
“I first had sex when I was 17 or 18. I didn’t feel it was right because I was in a man’s body. But I was at the age when you want to experiment sexually and it was the only way I could. All the men I had sex with knew I was born male, though, until after my surgery.
I’m scared there will be a lot of angry men out there reading this but I have to tell the truth. A lot of people will think I’ve lied to those I’ve had sex with. But I don’t feel I have because I’m a woman and my past is all behind me. I don’t want any man I’ve ever been with to doubt his sexuality now because of this. They didn’t know they were sleeping with somebody like me.
I’m now just like any other girl who wants to enjoy my life after many years without the right body. Now I’ve got the body I want to use it all the time. I slept with a hell of a lot of men before my operation but once I had the body I’d always wanted my sex drive went crazy.””
Most of the men it met were in gay bars and clubs because that was where it felt “most comfortable”. It admits sleeping with a different man every night was “brilliant”, but says it wasn’t as simple as being gay.
It admits that three months after the surgery it had sex with ten different men at a swingers’ party. But it says it doesn’t feel bad about not revealing its past because its secret was little different to the men she slept with who “may have been married or had a girlfriend or been to prison.”
It told the Sun: “I no longer refer to myself as a post-op transsexual because I needed to put that label behind me to move on. I haven’t come as far as I have to be reminded all the time. Having this secret has held me back in the past but now it’s out I feel I can take on the world. I think about sex all day.”
Christopher Snowden/Crystal Warren blames its “sex addiction” on witnessing the breakdown of its parents’ marriage when it was five and has admitted to sleeping with as many as seven men in a day, and with several men at the same time. With such a high number in just one day, it confessed it was difficult to fit it all in, and would sleep with a man in the morning, one at lunch and then as many as possible in the evening.
It picks up the men in pubs or even at the shops. It said it has been unable to keep a job as a result of its constant need for sex, feeling moody and frustrated when it does not have enough sex:
“I’d go on the prowl for men on my lunch breaks. If I didn’t manage to have sex I’d be unproductive all afternoon. If I go without for a few days I start to feel desperately low, depressed and lack energy. I know I’m a sex addict, but I can’t face getting professional help. Sex is the only thing that makes me feel good about myself. I guess when the men start saying no, I’ll stop having sex. I know some people must think I’m a terrible person, but believe me I’m not proud of myself.”
It says people assumes it is a slut but it insists the addiction means it is out of its control. It also claims it has always practiced safe sex.

I bet there are many men — more than a thousand — who are just thrilled with this news.

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0 responses to “Woman who had sex with 1,000+ men was a man

  1. LOL – Somehow I just knew it.

  2. Crazy…

  3. This is England, folks… National Health Service at its finest (should be quality controls, standards and lots of literal sanity checks by mental health types to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen, like we do here… but when it becomes a “right,” in conjunction with rationed care, watch out). 2014 is coming.

  4. Dear Eowyn,
    You coined the best term ever: surgically-mutilated man!! It is just brilliant!!! 🙂
    And I was wondering the same. If it likes sex so much as it is willing to do it up to 7 times a day, with multiple strange partners, why not make a profession out of it. It will do great, as we know, work is always better when it is something we love to do. And let’s imagine that it could make 25 pounds per program, 7 times a day, 30 days a month. It would earn 5250 pounds a month.

    • Dear Siegfried,
      You are being much too sensible and logical! — which of course is the exact opposite of this Christopher/Crystal whatever.
      Besides, the fun is in the danger of picking up strange men from bars. Making it a paying business will take all the fun out of it! 😀

  5. Ok… now this is just naaasty. Barf! Once I get my faculties back, I’ll tell you what I ‘really’ think 😉
    Naah… I’d get banned 🙂

  6. You know, this person definitely has problems, but I can’t come to this site anymore. I have a transgender child who is now 18, and I’m sick of reading stories here where people make nasty vile comments. And they are not ITs. Or surgically mutilated, or any other sarcastic, snide, mean, vicious, ugly thing you can say. A lot of you call yourselves Christians, but you couldn’t be further from the truth of the love of Christ, and I’m done. God have mercy on your not just judgemental, but nasty hateful souls.

    • A human being who was born with XY chromosomes, with male primary and secondary sexual characteristics, remains genetically male — with XY chromosomes — even if he undergoes surgery to chop off his penis and testicles, and takes hormones to suppress his facial and body hair and grow “breasts” that cannot produce milk. Cutting off his penis and testicles, and having the surgeon excavate a hole and call it a “vagina,” is surgical mutilation. Should the supply of estrogen be interrupted, this person will begin to regrow facial hair and his “breasts” will shrink, and will appear to all as a man with all the male secondary characteristics but no male primary characteristics because the latter had been excised by the surgeon’s knife.
      Then, to top it off, these surgical-chemical creations want the rest of us to collude in their self-deception.
      You have my sympathy for the difficulties of having a transgender child. But you’ve bought into the Orwellian New Speak. No amount of surgical mutilation and deceptive language will make Christopher Snowden into a genetic female. But you choose to call all that “love.”
      I suggest you learn about love from St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a Catholic convert who was born a Jew as Edith Stein and murdered in Auschwitz on Aug. 9, 1942. Her motto: “Love is Truth, and Truth is Love.”

      • Call yourself a doctor? You’re a disgrace. Narrow-minded and preconceived, bullying and pig-headed. It isn’t about deluding people, as you seem to stupidly think. My goodness, how you’re showing yourself up here! You really are clueless. It’s merely about being happy with one’s SELF. Other people have nothing to do with it. Try waking up in the morning, every morning for years wishing you were a woman. Or a man. You have no idea. Very intolerant. Do us all a favour and go die. It’s proven that transsexuals are very productive in society after treatment. They are more intelligent, as a group, than the average joe. So show us respect. Otherwise, we won’t respect you, and we’ll do what Crystal Warren did. Namely, shag all your ”brethren” to get on over on all you bigots and to have a silent inner laugh at you all. SHAME. You create problems for us, we’ll create insidious ones for you.

        • Wow, you are telling me to “go die”? So tolerant of you!
          Are all trannies as unglued and rage-filled as you? You sure make a great spokeswoman, or is it spokesman, for the transgender community. Congratulations!

    • Traci – My apologies if I offended you, as you have my empathy and compassion. But I would ask you too, to soul search, and see if on other topics/stories that you may not include a somewhat judgemental conclusion from time to time? As far as the love of Christ, John 8:7 …”Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.” And as a christian, I do not claim to be perfect. Mine is a daily striving to be more like Christ, and that is not without fault on my part now and again. One other suggestion, if I may… maybe stay away from stories of this nature, as they may be salt-in-the-wound so to speak. You have my prayers! 🙂

    • Don’t worry, Traci. I’m transgendered myself, and I agree with you. The actions of people calling us ‘it’ etc makes us isolated. Then people wonder why Crystal had to have her femaleness re-affirmed via sleeping with lots of men. They caused her to be this way. They have only themselves to blame. That’s not to say all transgendered people are promiscuous. Many aren’t. People are thick and they’ll now be thinking all transgendered people look and act just like Crystal. I hope your child gets treatment and becomes very happy and assimilated into society. They are lucky you’re supporting them. No one should suffer Gender Dysphoria. It is very painful. People mistakenly think it’s all about sex when in fact you can be a male-to-female transsexual and still fancy women. People can’t quite grasp this, however. Sexual orientation and Gender Identity are two different things. And transsexualism is about Gender Identity (how the person identifies, ie as man or woman), NOT who they fancy. People annoy me at times. With your support you can help your child be happy. I wish you both good luck. Treatment is effective so I’m sure they will do well. Don’t delay – start the ball rolling today! Good luck and lots of love and best wishes from an empathetic nice transgendered lady. Who, it so happens is not promiscuous.

  7. bizarre very bizarre i wonder if the men had her /him where a bag over her head during and after sex…..one of the bond ladies from the early bond years sean connery era and she was a real beauty wasn’t a she but had been born a he i can’t recall her name at the moment and you can’t tell from her photo. but this was in the news around 10 years ago or so.

  8. Are people so stressed out, or unhappy, that they need to scapegoat? Who really cares about this? I believe that someone can be born into the wrong body, but that is his/her problem to bear, not ours. I never understood the jokes and condemnation. Sometimes, reading a few of the articles in your column, is just like reading from a tabloid. Furthermore, I’d bet that many who slept with Crystal, would do it again. They wouldn’t admit to it, to avoid criticism. Afterall, isn’t it said that men think with their dicks instead of their brains?

    • A tabloid called The National Enquirer was the only news publication that doggedly pursued former senator and VP candidate John Edwards’ extramarital affair and “love child.” For that the Enquirer was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in journalism. If you deem yourself too superior to read “articles like reading from a tabloid” — although the articles actually carry TRUE news as opposed to the MSM’s suppression and refusal to report real news like the Constitutional Sheriffs Convention on Jan. 30 in Las Vegas — just don’t come on FOTM.
      As for some of the comments made about this wildly promiscuous creature, to express shock and disgust at his/her behavior is not “scapegoating.” The great philosopher David Hume called that the expression of our “moral sentiments” — the natural and wholly appropriate emotional reaction to immorality. By your peculiar definition, all disapproving opinions are “scapegoating” — which of course makes YOUR disapproval of these comments itself “scapegoating.”
      Besides, the last time I looked, this is still a country where the First Amendment still exists — of free speech and freedom to express one’s opinion. Just as you are expressing yours.

  9. Your bias is clear to see. You can give me all the excuses in the world, but the bottom line is – if someone doesn’t figure into your lifestyle, they’re ripe for comment. First amendment, absolutely, that’s why I’m exercising my free speech. BTW – I have my own sense of morality, that is obviously, different than yours. I see that you can dish out the remarks, but don’t like to be the recipient.
    I usually like what I read on your site, but we disagree on this one.

    • If being disapproving of extreme promiscuity is a “bias,” I’m proud to be biased. At least now I know that, for you, having sex with more than a thousand people is merely “a lifestyle”.

    • So if your daughter chose to have sex with over a 1,000 men you’d be ok w/that lifestyle of hers? Wouldn’t you be concerned about 1) her sexual health and 2) mental state of health? You’d really advocate her sleeping with that many people (and strangers)? I’d want my daughter to have a higher self-esteem than that.

    • Dr.- Believe me, I don’t think that sexual promiscuity is good for anyone. I was referring to the transgender part.
      Sagebrush – If you don’t like reading my opinion – you can go somewhere else. Furthermore, to someone like yourself, I say t.s.!
      Believe me, I could care less about what YOU think is moral. If you don’t care for my opinion, you can go move to some other country that tries to suppress free speech. Alot of people who preach, are the biggest phonies.

      • Well, it’s a relief to know we agree on sexual promiscuity. FYI, since you seem to be confused about it, I do not discriminate against transgendered people or gay people or bi people. What prompted me to do this post was my surprise upon reading that this individual who bedded 1000+ men turned out to be a man her/himself. I thought the revelation to be sorta funny.
        As for your rude retort to Sagebrush, she is a writer of this blog, our Bible teacher, and my beloved sister in Christ. She isn’t going “somewhere else.” I can’t say the same for you though. To quote Sage: “Adios!”

      • Hey @hollowgong… Shame on you! Your mistake happened when you went from stating an opinion to insulting our gifted and deeply appreciated writers…who happen to be my family in Christ…
        If you want to point out “hypocrites” you Know you will find Them in ALL assorted walks of life… Funny though, “alot” of people who whine about hypocracy, are the “biggest phonies” (i.e.walking contradictions). Double standards exist among some christians, yes… but the higher level of phoniness is among libs/progs/dems/the left. You get my drift… now, never drift into this blog again!

  10. So some of the commenter here are surprised that a site which clearly outlines itself as being CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES are dismayed because this site’s writers are CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES whose path takes a CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE TILT. That’s like Satan going to church and complaining that everyone keeps talking about God and Christ.
    Come on people get over your “shock and awe” you knew what you was getting into once you came here. When you read the first article that should have been a clear indication that it would be…prepare yourself now. CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE in nature!
    The silly is strong with some of you…really.

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I will apologize) but wasn’t Traci here before talking about her child on another post here somewhere, if you are the same person why are you back, what did you expect to change, why do you keep acting surprised? As stated there are thousands of sites where you can go to feel better about yourself and the path your child has taken. Why continue to haunt this site, what are you trying to get from it? Are you trying to change minds by continually laying down guilt trips?
    Traci its time for you to pack up and go away.I don’t mean that in a vicious way, but its just time to go where you feel more comfortable and its very evident that this site is not it.


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