Woman walks NYC naked from waist down and no one noticed

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Do you remember our DCG’s post of October 30, on how HORRIBLE, just HORRIBLE! it is to be a woman in the oppressive U.S. patriarchy where women can’t walk down a public street without being ogled and harassed by men?
Here’s a quote from the slutty Cosmopolitan, a women’s magazine that promotes promiscuity, vanity, and features scantily-clad models on its cover:

No matter where you live, if you’ve ever walked around your neighborhood as a woman (or queer person) for any lengthy amount of time, you’ve been subjected to catcalls, whistles, stares, you name it.

As proof, the feminists produced this video of a not-particularly-attractive pear-shaped brunette, dressed in a black t-shirt and leggings, being harassed and catcalled by men as she walks the streets of New York City.

So it is curious, to say the least, that we now have another video of a woman — a blonde — walking the streets of the same New York City naked from her waist down, without anyone taking notice. The woman appears to be wearing a pair of very tight blue jeans that’s really body paint. Still, those “jeans” are much more revealing and suggestive than the black leggings worn by the brunette in the “harassment” video. And yet NO ONE ogled at or harassed the blonde.

P.S. If you had watched the video closely, you’d see that she wasn’t really naked, but was wearing a G-string that was camouflaged by all the body paint.
So which video do you believe?

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0 responses to “Woman walks NYC naked from waist down and no one noticed

  1. I can honestly say, my rear pockets never had that kind of movement.

    • OK, 2 things at work here. First off the women in first video is sauntering thru it looks like the lower east side to me. Shitty neighborhood and a lower class people.
      Second The blonde with the body butt paint has been well done. Really does look like jeans, and she looks very pretty all alone and a beautiful face which according to first Feminist Victim Miss butt paint should have been harrassed, yet she wasn’t..Why? Let’s review area she strolled and the people there. Looks like mid-town, maybe times square There are all nice tourist destinations that have been Disnyfied for the touristists to come and feel safe. I know the area weell I worked these street for 10 rears <but @3:13-25 There is one guy who comes in for a close up off her butt with his phone. She turns and sees him and laughs
      Now the lower east side where first lady is a big bit more seedy.

      • I suspect you’re right, Steve. The 2 women got entirely different reactions because they were walking in different parts of NYC. Which means the first video is really not a commentary on male chauvinism, but on the character and crude behavior of lower-class males of color.

  2. Lisa, if you look at other folk in vid they all seem to be wearing jackets and pants. scarves. Point is I think it’s cold in NYC Should be middle of November.

  3. In the first video, the woman walked for TEN HOURS and all she got was a minute and a half of footage.

  4. I think the businessman in the charcoal raincoat and bag across his shoulder at the 1:40 mark noticed; And the man at the Metrocard machine at the end noticed.
    I am not necessarily against nudity; Nudity and pornography are not necessarily the same thing. I think that these guys proved their point legitimately.
    And carrying it across to the political milieu, in all honesty, how many so-called conservatives fail to notice that talk-meisters like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, O’Reilly and Michael Savage are NOT TRUE conservatives but NEO-CONS???
    There’s a simple failure to notice nudity. And then there’s DENIAL!

  5. OK, she’s “clothed” in paint…my concern is she’s walking around exposing her nether regions in close quarters with people who did not choose to have her close to them “naked”…hygiene and public health should be a concern. If she wants to be naked then she should do it where she’s not putting innocent bystanders at risk. She’s lucky it didn’t rain.

  6. It’s ALWAYS the ugly feminists that think they are being harassed in some way. The harassment usually only exists in their own minds or after they’ve went to extraordinary measures to make it happen.


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