Woman unclear on the concept of "Deer Crossing"

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A woman calls into a radio station in Fargo, North Dakota, complaining about how she had had three car accidents involving deer on an interstate shortly after she passed a “Deer Crossing” sign.
So she wants the highway people to move those “Deer Crossing” signs elsewhere because, of course, we all know deer can read and are oh-so law-abiding and only traverse roads at “Deer Crossing” signs.

Just remember: this woman votes.
God help us.
H/t Big Geek Dad and FOTM’s dee
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0 responses to “Woman unclear on the concept of "Deer Crossing"

  1. Oh my… this can’t be real!!! No one could be that stoooooopid!!! That’s sad!!! 🙁

  2. OMG – my immediate thought, too, was – this IDIOT votes! It’s getting really scary out there….

  3. Just when you think people cannot get any more stupid, some cretin raises the bar. A few years back I watched an “alleged” comedy onlne, “Idiocracy”,
    about Amerika 500 year in the future. Warning it is full of gross potty mouth language and grossness but it should more accurately be categorized as documentary.
    The state of younger generation’s reasoning skills is frightening. As my mom, shortly before she passed away told me from her hospital bed, “here’s a cheerful thought, the millennials and gen-x will be your caretakers.”
    The demonic illuminated ones who run the world have done a bang up job of turning 2 recent generations into zombies…..God help us all

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  5. Obviously, she is a democrat.

  6. These people breed and vote! Unbelievable!!!

  7. I am dumbfounded! Hilarious! God, help us!

  8. These are the same people that get a cup of hot coffee and then sue when they burn their mouths.😬

  9. And we wonder how people like Obama get elected.


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