Woman saves wingless bee, who became her pet

This post was originally published on July 10, 2018, but WordPress has memory-holed it, although supposedly all of FOTM was “exported” to a zip file after the overlords of WordPress took burned down FOTM in the dark early-morning hours of August 15, 2018.

So I’m re-publishing it.


This is a very moving story of a woman named Fiona who found a wingless bee and provided a home and food for the little bee, who became her pet.



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2 years ago

Beautiful, sweet story!
Who knew that even insects could connect with humans. I thought my chickens were the bottom of the barrel as far as animal intelligence and human interaction is concerned.
Thanks for re-posting!

2 years ago

2 years ago

Sounds like Eowyn is a Vitalist as am I! Download some of Dr Rupert Sheldrake’s podcast’s from iTunes or BlogTalkRadio. I do when I am walking my dog. I have had some interesting encounters/observations with the other inhabitants of this plane that astounded me.
Thanks for this!

2 years ago

This is a very unusuall story! I routinely save bees that fly into my pool for a drink and can’t get out…I have a water fountain for them in my sideyard near my grape arbor–and, believe me, they drink gallons per day. I have to refill mornings, early afternoons, and before bed (of course, birds share, too, in this). Since I am a vegetable gardner most years, I need my bees, every one of them, for pollination. Kudos to this nice person. I’d have never thought a wingless bee would survive, let alone, survive and thrive.

Jackie Puppet
2 years ago

I didn’t see this the first time around – quite an amazing story. I know some insects are beneficial to us when it comes to pollination, or eating other creepy crawlies that might scare us (little kids), and I’ll try to relocate them where they won’t strike fear into people like my daughter.

Though we’ve both had a spider drop down in front of us when driving – in that case, Spidey’s got to go!