Woman rescues orphaned baby armadillo

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A woman in Kentucky rescued an orphaned baby armadillo who weighed only a pound.

She named him Arnie.

Since little is known about armadillos, the woman had a tough time figuring out what to feed Arnie. But Arnie has a strong will to live, is curious about everything, and loves to play in water.

Who knew armadillos can be cute!



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9 responses to “Woman rescues orphaned baby armadillo

  1. Long life for little Arnie and for the sweet lady, she’s my hero.

  2. So cute!

  3. Who would have thought an armadillo would make a great pet? Well, actually according to websites, they don’t, but it’s obvious Arnie has been raised from a baby and will remain with his momma. They love dirt, water and insects.

  4. This video really made my day! Great relief for all the negativity in the world! I hope Arnie has a very long life and stays well.

  5. Hilarious…..He suuuuure looooves the tub! LOL!

  6. Warning! Armadillos carry leprosy! And they eat grubs (beetle larvae).

    • My laying hens eat grubs!!! eyweee for you and yeah for me!. AND….NEWS FLASH…..my illegal alien middle school students here in CA sometimes HAVE leprosy!!!!! Google the news about this and where you find a “ground zero”……that’s where I live and teach. And my school district doesn’t tell me about it until they are no longer my students!!!!!!! I guess they protect the leprosidic illegal kids….but in the interest of “protecting ” these kids ….they don’t /can’t tell/protect me until I’ve had them in my classroom an entire year……SAME DAMNED THING WITH TB….I had an actively infected TB (illegal) student in my room for an entire year for 3 periods (half the day) of the year…and I was NOT notified of this until she was moved on to high school, out of our middle school……I take a TB test every 2 years b/c I teach near the border in So Cal. My school district requres it every 3 years in order to keep my job anyway…..What does that tell ya’ ?

  7. Very cute, very funny! Good armadillo Mommy.
    Dodo always has the funniest & touching vids.
    I think just about any creature could be a pet, with the right “Mom or Dad”

  8. I may have orphaned a few armadillos decades ago, when I lived in Pensacola. I ran over a couple of them on two consecutive days, when they tried crossing the road. They’re very hard to see at night, it’s like they absorb light coming from headlights.


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