Woman rescues and befriends baby robin

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Kara Twomey was walking her dog and saw a crow grabbing and flying off with a baby robin.

But the crow dropped the robin, so Kara rescued the fledgling and took him into her home.

Kara named the robin Squeaker, and nursed him back to health.

Little Squeaker began to hop around, then flew.

Kara kept Squeaker in her back yard, and Squeaker would come to her, stand on her shoulder or head.

Then Kara released Squeaker “into the wild”.

A month later, Squeaker returned to visit Kara.


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6 responses to “Woman rescues and befriends baby robin

  1. Goes to show we are creatures of GOD. Beautiful and heartfelt film.

  2. How sweet!

  3. Good story. I helped my grandmother raise numerous birds that had been evicted by Cowbird hatchlings or had fallen out of their nest by accident, which included many Robins. My job, collect inch worms and other bugs for them to eat.
    Yesterday I saw a dead Sharp-Shinned Hawk and a Robin on the side of the road. So what had more than likely happened the Hawk had just caught the Robin and was then hit by a vehicle. Robins were my grandmother’s favorite bird.

    • Once upon a time we raised chickens. We had one bandy Rooster who used to hang out in our front yard. One day a Red tailed Hawk swooped down and snatched him. My wife saw this and threw a rock at the hawk. He let the rooster go and we nursed him back to health. He was pretty sore from the talons.

      For the rest of that bird’s life he would peck the ground two or three times and look up. He used to crack me up. He was always expecting the hawk to come back.

  4. When I was in high school in Park Ridge, Illinois, a baby Robin was in one of our basement window wells. Mom and I pulled it out and we fed him worms and bugs and all kinds of bird food…we had a huge cage in the kitchen area where sun came in and we ate, and cheep chirp stayed there until he grew enough to be led outside. We put him out and when mom worked in her garden, cheep chirp was right there waiting for her to dig up worms…sitting right beside her. When we had company, that Robin would fly onto the outside umbrella table and just look at the folks who were always shocked…he would fly onto our shoulders, our head, our fingers, and we loved him. He flew south (I think it was a he) for the winter, but sure nuff, he came back the following year and was just as friendly. What a treat to have saved that beautiful bird. I love birds, well face it, I love all of God’s great and gorgeous creation.

    • That’s great. We lived on a farm once and found an injured crow. We nursed it back to health and he had a big cage in the house. He was free to come and go as he pleased. He lived a longer than usual life. It was always fun to watch him.


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