Woman pees, then sponge-bathes in NY subway

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Good grief.

What has America become?

What are the chances this woman (and her friend) is an Obama voter?

I’d say: 100%

Why is she not arrested?


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0 responses to “Woman pees, then sponge-bathes in NY subway


  2. We’re done as a society. Toast.
    And the rest of the riders just look at her. Just another day in hell.

  3. …and they want to move us ALL to the cities for stack-and-pack…no, thank you! I’ll stay right here.

  4. Never been to NYC, never want to go. This is just another example of what life must be like in that hell-hole. Beyond that…I’m pretty much speechless on this one.

  5. Why did the dingbat get on there if she had to go that bad? There are restrooms in the subway!!

  6. Unbelievable! My husband and I were just in NYC last weekend. We rode the subway on Saturday night. I’m so glad we missed this! I feel sympathy for the urgency of needing a bathroom but the showering with soap and a bottle of water is just too much. Bathing her genital area while dressed(I’m surprised she didn’t disrobe completely) in the presence of total strangers demonstrates her self centered ignorance. Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid!

  7. Unfreakin’ believable. Only in NYC!!! Hehehehehe.

  8. Well, I don’t know…the woman who toilet trained her toddlers in a busy restaurant comes close…

  9. This can’t be serious!!! It must be some kind of prank, maybe some silly tv show sketch. I can’t conceive that a normal person would do such a thing. Either we are talking about something staged, or those two women escaped from some kind of mental institution. I really can’t believe that something like that might be real!!!

  10. Sadly to say this is a disgusting display of stupidity. She’s got be a liberal who supports Obama but doubtfully will vote unless Acorn does it for her. It almost appears like a distasteful prank.


  12. LOL – I don’t even know what to say on this one – and I always have something to say.

    Struck speechless, I am.


  13. What, does she just walk around with a jug of water, soap, sponge,and bath towel for emergencies? I have to agree with Siegfried on this one!

    • Agreed. Shower cap even. This was a prank/staged. No one walks around with a sponge, soap, gallon of water, flip flops, towel, and shower cap.

      • Oh. And don’t forget the talcum powder. I agree that America is passed swirling the bowl and is being flushed, but this is a fake guys.

      • Talcum powder too. I smell a prank. Some lowlife wanted to be famous on youtube for a few minutes.

      • I agree, this is set up. Even SO that fact that a woman would urinate in PUBLIC for a prank is just as disgusting! If it IS a prank (& all the ‘necessities’ with her belies it being random) WHO would DEMEAN THEMSELVES for such a prank?? The abject degradation of a great portion of U.S. society is enough to make decent citizens cry. DEPLORABLE!

        • Well observed and well said, Joanne! If this was a prank, a woman still urinated publicly in plain view of other people who, since they were on a NY subway, couldn’t even escape by going somewhere else. Which makes the incident — and the 2 women who perpetrated it — even more deplorable.

          • Oh yeah…….. THAT is does! Someone should’ve held them there and brought the police into the situation when the subway stopped! But then it’s NY and everyone is in a hurry so no time to do the correct thing I guess.

  14. This is so unbearably embarrassing.

  15. This country is going to the dogs! Check this out. It happened in my hometown several months ago.

    • They’ve caught people cooking it ‘on their person’ in St. Louis area stores, close to my home which is just across the Mississippi from there. They do that so it’ll be ‘handy’ for their personal use (or to sell also I guess).

      They live AMONG US people!

  16. WOW! Ann romney rides on the NYC subway!

  17. Bet you were one of the trolls tweeting how sad it was her plane landed during an emergency. Keep it classy, or as classy as we can expect from trolls.

  18. under obama the usa has quickly become a third world nation we rank right with the bozo’s of the third world in education and now with all the bizarre behavior we are west zimbabwe

  19. Very disgusting and in bad taste, However, as a New Yorker, this looks totally staged to me..i think the person taping is part of the nasty “joke” herself..Idiots…


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